you already know what I’m bout to ask…

last night’s episode of law and order: suv was about “chrianna“.
same script; different cast.
i just finished watching it.
completely blown away.
it was a little hard to watch.
so i have to turn the mic over to you:

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lowkey: i wonder what rihanna or breezy wolf thinks?

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “YOUR 59TH THOUGHT: (59)”

    1. ^i guess everyone wasn’t feeling it.

      my first couple of thoughts were it was deep.
      although I don’t think rihanna is that much of a dumb ass.
      she also doesn’t come off as innocent either.
      they covered breezy wolf how I imagine him to be.
      difficult and a hot head.
      when misha was laying in the bed and she screamed “I LOVE YOU KALEB”; cring worthy moment.
      I didn’t like was the forced acting from kaleb bryant,
      the various bad acting cameos from perez and wendy,
      and how rushed the ending was.

      when he said,
      “you don’t learn your lesson, don’t you?”
      on the boat after she looked at the phone….
      it seemed too…… fake-ish.
      they should have used another scenario to justify why he did what he did.

      the whole episode seem to be making fun of them too lol!

  1. The acting was weak and so was the script.Team Breezy( the fans) has caused the actor who played Caleb to suspend his twitter account

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