Vagina Power

evelyn looks sexy as hell:


black hair damn near improved her vagina swagg.
the basketball wives miami cast is on the way back.
the white chick,
and royce have all been laid off aka fired.
they got a whole new cast…

okay not a whole new cast.
they added tasha marbury,
stephon marbury’s wife.
i hope she explains this at some point:




the whole collection

anyone else remember when he did this?

good times.

lowkey: i hope this season is good.
i have a feeling i may get bored.
ev’s daughter looks like she upgraded too:


is it me or did she sound nervous?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Vagina Power”

  1. I’m excited for this season. I miss the ladies. However, I wish they didn’t get rid of Jen. Even though on the show she is NOTHING without Ev. And they made a huge mistake by getting rid of Kenya. That girl was more crazy than 3 monkeys in a tub filled with bananas.

    I’m sure it will never live up to the EPICNESS, which was the second and third seasons, but I’m watching. Evelyn is my boo.

    1. Kenya is on there, but she got fired during filming.

      LMAO@That girl was more crazy than 3 monkeys in a tub filled with bananas.

  2. he looked suspect to me licking his fingers and shit while listening to that Barbie shit lmfao

  3. I probably won’t be watching this season..something tells me its going to be flowers and candy all for the camera when we know they crazy as ape shit…

    That new wife looks like she doesn’t any shit…

    I never seen the video of Stephen crying.. those comments bothered me…they were really vicious and cold.

    Why can’t a black man cry and get it out?

    Maybe that should be your next topic..

    1. ^will work on it!
      thanks for the suggestion.

      this season looks like they will be trying too hard.
      we already know ya’ll are mean girls.
      nothing worst than mean girls trying to be likeable.
      it never works.
      we will see.

      stephon had that those cameras on 24/7.
      he held the camera man hostage at one point.
      taping everything he was doing.
      it was really interesting at one point and then it was either scary or down right embarrassing.

      i remember when his sister came over and was cussing him out behind the computer.
      he wasn’t answering his phone and his whole family was completely embarrassed.

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