How To Be A “Hoe” and Win At The End of 2013

ringnthingsevelyn lozada got me considering being a hoe in 2014.
i kid i kid.
i think…
you see that rock?
that’s a licks my balls,
eats my ass,
and still keeps suckin’ out leftover nut
morals out.
i’m not even gonna hate on the cum up.
i’m really starting to believe smart hoes are winning.
like i said being “the nice guy” is NOT the wave.
the ones on doing free work need not apply.
it can happen for “us”.
we just choose to fuck stupid dusty hood rats.
when “some” get a man with some cash money,
“some” fuck it up somehow.
see: all the queens in 2013 who had rich men.

giphy (1)lowkey: ( x jason arasheben ),
ceo of jason of beverly hills provider of diamond luxuries,
made the ring for ev and carl.

i hope this story has a happy ending.

x see more on evelyn’s instagram

A Old Bird Gets Stuffed

aedc25c40e7011e2968922000a1cdbb3_7now before you gasp at the title of this entry…
i like evelyn lozada and her bird-ish ways.
she makes for good tv and i was wondering what she was gonna do next?
bbw is dead and stinkin’,
she doesn’t really possess any talent,
and i can’t see her doing challenges on survivor or that donald trump show.
so when the going gets tough,
the tough go and get a baby bump
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Tami Roman Needs To Leave The Mean Girl Table

whoaaaaatobviously tami roman didn’t see this in editing.
so this flashed across my timeline.
i’m listening to yeezus and not watching bb wives.
i may have to tune in.
even though tami can be a bully of epic proportions,
she should realize:

lowkey: oh she just put this:

tamitweetwell duh tami.
they are adult mean girls.
wasn’t she one too?
  tami wasn’t feeling this way when she was in the circle.
talkin’ shit about all the other chicks of basketball girlfriend’s past.

finally realizing you’re just a square t?

x go check up on tami twitter

Sponsored By “Evelyn Lozada Streaming Tears Makeup and Crotchless Depends”

tumblr_mr2pznxixo1qbunheo1_500“i’m just tired of crying,” evelyn says while crying.
“well shit ev i’m tired of it too” – me, watching the first episode of bbw 5.
the whole episode of evelyn crying,
shaunie’s nostrils,
shtuzie’s fixed lisp situation,
and tami still wanting to sit with the mean girls.
was it enough to keep the public interested tho?

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In Today’s “Evelyn Lozada” Head Lines… No pun intended.

tumblr_molxga6Xas1qj6sc2o1_500well i just saw the pics on tmz of evelyn lozada and her head butt damage.
i literally jumped back…

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You Slap My Ass Again And I’ll Put Your Ass In Handcuffs

tumblr_moiv0lqPDb1s6kexlo1_500its been 30 days already?
well no,
not really.
our fav ocho was released early from jail for whatever reason.
the judge had a change of heart?
did she like the check she was sent?
who knows.
tons of video below….

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