In Today’s “Evelyn Lozada” Head Lines… No pun intended.

tumblr_molxga6Xas1qj6sc2o1_500well i just saw the pics on tmz of evelyn lozada and her head butt damage.
i literally jumped back…

tumblr_mhe6mvz0OR1qlfbs5o1_400-1i won’t be front…
that is some damage.
he could have killed her.
he would need to experience some damage of his own.
i hate to be this guy but:

Why are these being released now?

lowkey: chad ain’t shit for that.
i’m sure he has apologized and reaped his karma.
look at his life.
it’s a headache.

6 thoughts on “In Today’s “Evelyn Lozada” Head Lines… No pun intended.

  1. She probably wants the judge to see the pics and make him get more time in jail.

    1. ^hmmm good point p.
      i was also looking at her final show was coming up too.
      what better way to start the publicity train is when he fucks up.
      these pictures didn’t just get released because they could.

    2. He was already out of jail before TMZ posted pics Also the pics are part of the evidence so judge has seen them already. I don’t understand why he wasn’t sent to jail months ago.It’s like with Chris Brown you get to beat up the first and then you go to jail for second offence.This applies to same sex couples too. Kwame the football player didn’t go to jail for assaulting his BF because it was his first offence.That’s the law

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