Swipe My Finga Right Onto Some Butt Cheekz

siri-exploited-bypass-iphones-lock-screen-browse-contacts-make-calls-send-emails-texts-ios-7-1-1.w654speaking of iphones and ratchet photo albums,
 i got caught up with my barber today.
so when i go to my shop,
i usually show him pictures of different hairstyles to replicate.
this week was a cut by kellon deryck.
my usual.
so when he was standing next to me looking at the picture,
i made the mistake and swiped right.
this is what showed up…
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Justin Bieber Gets As Naked As He Was Born

tumblr_mkna00Fg0v1roqkryo1_500justin bieber is showing his ass!
in more ways than one.
he decided to serenade his grandmuvvah nekkid one morning last year.
i know what you’re thinking.
“um ew”.
well there is a logical explanation i’m sure for this lovely gesture

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Basketball Wives Miami Is Coming Back… But, Why?

tumblr_mpv1ivA3ss1saut7jo1_500i guess all black = dead.
the show that is.
the vixens of bbw are back for their final season.
missing are royce reed,
jennifer williams,
and the snow bunny i forgot the name of already.
they also have a new cast member,
tasha marbury,
who is married to stephon marbury.
there are going for a new mature and sophisticated storyline.
um, yawn.
me thinks that’s a bad idea,
but at least they look nice, right?…

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In Today’s “Evelyn Lozada” Head Lines… No pun intended.

tumblr_molxga6Xas1qj6sc2o1_500well i just saw the pics on tmz of evelyn lozada and her head butt damage.
i literally jumped back…

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It’s Not “Stealing” Anymore, Its Called “Inspired”.

we have the:
the navy.
little monsters.
what do you call miley cyrus stans?
are you one?
does she even have a fan base yet?
miley has been transforming from this:

tumblr_mm4v7dOueh1qkev9so1_500to this:

tumblr_mm4vsxbd451qdy87yo1_500she’s twerking and all kinda new shit now.
she just had a photo spread in v magazine.
as i looked at the photos,
i couldn’t but wonder…

is “this” really her?

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Broderick Hunter Shows A Little Thigh

well i have a new low key crush.

ever since i featured him a while back:

the post a while back

… i have been secretly been in the lust for his flesh.
he is so hot.
i have a some shots taken by Cliff Watts that may make you even hotter

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