Basketball Wives Miami Is Coming Back… But, Why?

tumblr_mpv1ivA3ss1saut7jo1_500i guess all black = dead.
the show that is.
the vixens of bbw are back for their final season.
missing are royce reed,
jennifer williams,
and the snow bunny i forgot the name of already.
they also have a new cast member,
tasha marbury,
who is married to stephon marbury.
there are going for a new mature and sophisticated storyline.
um, yawn.
me thinks that’s a bad idea,
but at least they look nice, right?…

i hate to break it to you,
but we got a new gang of vixens that kinda replaced ya’ll:

tumblr_mpry9dU6up1qd7cw9o1_500…america has spoken.
┬áratchet is “in”.
unless bbw is going to be on OWN,
i dunno how this is going to go.
even “haves and have nots” is ratchet.
personally bbw miami took too long to come back.
plus they got shook when they got a boycott.
after that chad/evelyn buttin’ heads situation,
they shoulda been on the air immediately after.
“oh mah god that chick’s head is split open.
*snaps* get that camera rolling!”
instead she goes to iyanla for “waiting to exhale” tears?
love and hiphop took the crown and we miss it when it leaves.
well atlanta anyway.
we’ll see tho!
i’ll give it a 2 1/2 episode courtesy before i write it off.


basketball wives season five is set to premiere august 19 at 10pm on vh1.

lowkey: i could see evelyn lozada on love and hiphop tho.
maybe she should think about it.
she has an inner ratchet we like.
she needs to stop fighting it because her clock is ticking.

photo credits: vh1

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Basketball Wives Miami Is Coming Back… But, Why?”

  1. They are too old and nobody cares, they stayed gone too long, most people are really over the reality TV craze anyway, its too many shows now.

  2. I agree, nobody is checkin for them at all. But the whole reason it took so long for them to come back is cuz they was sposed to air earlier this year like April, but wit the instant success of L&HH ATL, VH1 decided to give them BBW’s season slot instead and hold off on BBW. Now Joseline’s behavior has made everyone forget about poor ol Ev.

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