It’s All Good At The Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp?

tumblr_mpzzovCTMt1r0u4yjo1_500the jacksonville jaguars are getting their training on at reliant stadium.
does it look good here?…

…or maybe here?
oh yeah:


Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “It’s All Good At The Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp?”

  1. I had to Google #29, I never heard of him. His name is William Middleton. He’s a free agent who needs a home. Now he is what I call fine. If he doesn’t sign with a team he can join mine.

  2. Yes its almost here my favorite time of the year, Football Season, and nothing beats watching NFL network and ESPN seeing all this meat in those tight white training pants during training camp sweating and looking like Nubian Kings. My Soul Say Yes!!!!!!

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