Chris Brown: Do We Need To Have A Sit Down?

where is this person?
he looked healthy.
i just saw some new pictures of breezy wolf on just jared.
right after that court appearance,
he went to the playboy mansion for the bte all star kick off party.

send it away immediately!

tumblr_moxdxrxCgk1rc35k1o1_500the jeans.
the chucks.
the vest thing.
the everything?
couple years ago,
he use to have so much swagg.

x 2008
x 2009
x 2010

every time he gets back with that goo goo gai pan chick,
his weight/swagg drops to the pits of hell.
i don’t get it,
but he looks gross.
where is his mama?
real friends?
this is what happens when everyone is a “yes” person.
i’m convinced no one tells him before he walks out:

“you look terrible.
try this shit again.”

photo credit: just jared

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Chris Brown: Do We Need To Have A Sit Down?”

  1. HAHAHHAHHAHA at goo goo gai pan chick. Yup he always goes on these drug binges once they get together.

    1. Your parents must be really proud of you…the fake reality and pedestal you put these people on who could care less about you is amazing…and pathetic…

  2. So true; and I’m not understanding celebs with millions $$$$ looking a hot mess; he needs a haircut too!!!!

  3. He does look different, but he’s looked that way for a while. I still think he’s hot of course.

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