tumblr_mq233zdZo91rqgekjo3_500don’t fuck with shirlene.
she is a beast with a suv.
why everyone mamas ratchet on this show???
i just caught up on love and hiphop atl since i missed it last night.

she nearly took out that fence!
fake or not,
that shit was a+ comedy.
you know ya momma is officially when she say:

“watch me help you patch it up”

i must have watched that part 50 times.
each time seeing something new.

x watch entire episode of L&HHATL

i must be crazy,
because why come i woulda dun that?
fuck all that twitter talkin and instagram shots.
kirk was a dirty ass dog.
i felt sorry for rasheeda.

lowkey: am i the only 1 who thinks:

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 11.41.21 PMis corny as HAYLE?????
why did traci let him nut in her??
how karlie redd get beenie man on that record?
i’m mad she had a showcase.
k michelle and joseline,
with her boofunk weave,
hanging out may lead to a disaster.
we will see.
here is k michelle new video for “i don’t like me”:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “GET OUTTA MY WAY RASHEEDA!!”

  1. I love the fact that K. Michelle is growing and maturing.
    Go ‘head @ Joseline about to put a ring on it [even though I can see him declining it]
    Smdh @ Scrappy & Mama Dee’s ratchet asses.
    Where’s Shay at?
    We all knew Ariane chased the kitty. Idk why K was shocked.
    No words for Kirk
    Rasheeda looks sooo adorable pregnant.

  2. Drew is corny. Scrappy is bad af tho. He’s so thick.

    Finally Ariane admitted what we already knew lol.

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