jacob blake’s mama might need to get on the type of time we are on

remember the family of botham jean?
they sat up there asking for mercy for amber guyger.
hell even the judge came off her bench to hug her like she was the victim.
well the mama of jacob blake seem to be on the same wave.
as you know,
jacob blake was shot in the back 7 times by the hunters in milwaukee.
he has survived but he may be paralyzed from the waist down.
( x read more here )
well his mama is moving on an entirely different kind of time.
they had an interview with don lemon and well…
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When Your Mama Catches You Fuckin’ On Snapchat

i often wonder how parents would react if they saw half of these folks snaps/ig stories?
i’m sure they’d flip heavy knowing some been baited.

“why is your fuckin penis on the internet?????” – your mother/father

i bet you swallowed hard reading that.
good thing most of them are restricted to the land of facebook.
you know they love that neck of the woods.
well i saw a video today that’s getting a lot of traction.
a young cub was caught fuckin on snapchat and the mama saw it.
you can only imagine
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f0xmail: I Think My Mama Boyfriend Likes To Watch Gay Porn. Help!


Hi Jamari

I’m 17 years old and oldest  of three children. I’ve got this big problem. And as much as I really wish this was about my own issues it’s not and I need  to figure out how  to go about so he go…

Ok so the last of July my mom’s boyfriend came and ask to see if he could borrow my phone so I let him he had it for like no longer than 30min. When I got my phone back I checked the app that he had used. He made a couple of phone calls and was on the internet. He also had a video app open and there was some BBW porn on, but I  didn’t pay any mind to it. However he came back and asked to borrow it again for  like another 10-15min. and when i received it back this time there was gay porn on the app (this is not the first time I saw this). When I found out that I went to go confront him about it and he claimed I was “making him
feel uncomfortable” so I left there room. Keep in mind that my mom is at church gettin’ her praise on and straight after that she was coming home to change her clothes so that she can go to the doctor because her throat was bothering her
So once she left out again this pineapple would not leave me alone. calling me out  of my room to play cards so that we could “talk,” or coming into my  room and basically hover over me. He even asked to see
my phone again where he showed me the website that he got it from (which he already had claimed that it just popped out of nowhere) even asking me not to tell because he has seen in my history that I watch gay porn too. After that he hasn’t been the same since. (acting super nice, like nothing  happened)

Now Jamari I don’t really  know the dynamic of he and my mother’s relationship, all I know is that he is the lying, manipulative, and super clingy ex boyfriend, that we had so many problems with, and that when they broke up we had to move out the house we were living in and move in  my grandma and all of  the pineapples that were staying there. I feel like maybe she’s being seedy and using him for money but then again she might be stupid and chose to try one more  time with him all I know is that I don’t really like him.

So my question  is Jamari:

how should I go about telling her that I’m gay and also that her boy is too?

p.s. : I think he has mom issues.


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You’re Gay Because Ya Mama Raised Ya.

tumblr_m3gkbvdfVJ1qfbzn0o1_500so an f-bi just sent me this “situation” earlier.
  i don’t think i rolled my eyes hard enough.
a quack named umar abdullah johnson thinks black men turn gay due to single parent households.
ones who are mainly raised by black women.
the video associated with the story has been circulating from 2013.
i guess it’s back on the internet streets for whatever reason…
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Mama Said Knock You Out (Or She Gonna Do It Herself)

LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out (w Music Videos)no.
not the ll cool j classic album.
a real mother punching the living shit out her daughter.
oh because she was caught having sex in her house…
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Don’t Talk Back To Ya Mama

“damn what did he do?”
she in her curlers too?
you know shirley got work in the morning.
after the day i had,
i could depend on tumblr to cheer me up.
i am in legit tears.
you know black mama’s don’t play.

lowkey: the person recording ain’t shit.