Don’t Talk Back To Ya Mama

“damn what did he do?”
she in her curlers too?
you know shirley got work in the morning.
after the day i had,
i could depend on tumblr to cheer me up.
i am in legit tears.
you know black mama’s don’t play.

lowkey: the person recording ain’t shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Talk Back To Ya Mama”

  1. lol she was smacking the hell out of him…they better be careful recording videos like this because people have been getting locked up as a result of these kind of videos lately, usually as the aggressor or assault. sharkeisha just to name a few all the black mother needs is somebody to scream child abuse now she has a whole different kind of problem on her hands…but the kids of today need their asses beat

  2. I nevre got hit across the face, but I found myself getting hit on the ass. DAMN. My mom broke a yardstick in half and taped the two halves together lol.

  3. Black ppl are SO STUPID…this is NOT funny. then when he grows up to be a WOMAN BEATER, it’s all HIS FAULT…somebody needs to slap that bitch!

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