Duck Dynasty: DENIED!

tumblr_mlfe1q9NNV1qlpwyuo1_500well phil certainly put his boot in his mouth.
looks like his duck…
dynasty is cooked.
i tried.
anyway an f-bi just filled me in that he got suspended for running that mouth of his.
here is a quick update from cnn

Phil Robertson, a star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” has been suspended indefinitely after slamming gays in a magazine interview.

“We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series Duck Dynasty,” the network said in a statement Wednesday.

“His personal views in no way reflect those of A+E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely.”

1412people need to understand not EVERYTHING needs to be said out loud.
paula deen should be the standard of how to control word vomit.
 enjoy your seat phil!

lowkey: what is their show about anyway?

article found: cnn

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty: DENIED!”

  1. he gon learn today lol hahaha i think some white people feel that their opinions surpass everyone else’s and that we want to hear what they have to say…now he knows keep your lips shut before that paycheck gets snipped for awhile

  2. Boom Pow Surprise! He gon’ learn today! LOLOLOL! No, but seriously, people should learn to promote what they love instead of bashing what they hate (even though they have no real basis for their hate). Oh, and Jamari, you wouldn’t be interested in this show unless you kill ducks on the regular, or enjoy hill-billy shenanigans.

  3. See he doesn’t understand gays are no longer the arkward kids sitting to the back of the class trying not to be notice, we took the time to get educated and pursue our dreams and now we run this town. It is now career suicide to bad mouth gays.

  4. Here’s my problem with us as a gay community I feel we can say anything about anyone but the minute someone says something about us we make a big deal about it

    I know people are going to pass me off as someone who isn’t down for the cause but I still think in this country everyone has the right to say what they want

    I agree hate should not be put out on any type of mass outlet about anyone but that is a personal preference I feel like it is a widely believed preference by others too

    But that doesn’t mean just because many people prefer there to be any hate speech (in this instance towards homosexuals) doesn’t make this wide preference law

    There are people out there who don’t like me because I’m gay there are people who don’t like me because I’m black and I accept that.

    Honestly there are people gay black white Asian that I don’t like its a natural human emotion I am not condoning violence behavior toward anyone because if someone was to touch me ok we will just have a fight on our hands

    But but for the gay groups and alliences who bully to censor speech the only equal thing that we ALL have to me is wrong

    Anyone should not censor how they view certain things I know this will cause a lot of stupid things to be heard but the minute it happens to you I hope you see the point I’m trying to make

    1. ^this is actually a really good comment james.

      i think the major issue is that he is not talking at the kitchen table,
      while cleaning his shot gun,
      talking about how doesn’t understand gays.
      this is someone who is now in the public eye.
      his show is a brand and companies have invested money into it.
      gays maybe fans.

      everyone hates someone,
      as do i,
      but when you are in the spotlight,
      you gotta mask your hate because you may offend on a broad spectrum.
      there are PLENTY of racists out there,
      but what would it look like if they got a pass to say what they really feel in a interview?

      1. I agree we all have Freedom of Speech but you need to know if you say something offensive and you are in the public eye.It may adversely affect your career examples Mel Gibson anti Jew rant,Michael Richards calling guy N word at comedy club,Paula Deen,N word,etc

      2. “everyone hates someone,
        as do i,
        but when you are in the spotlight,
        you gotta mask your hate because you may offend on a broad spectrum.”

        I think that’s the result of equality not offending the broad spectrum I don’t watch this show but this guy has noteriety because of it

        and it seems to me he is not some on air persona but an genuine person with no real media training the show seems like a reality show from what I’m reading and he was being just that real

        So the fact that he feels the way he feels about homosexuals shouldn’t come to shock anyone

        honestly if he said something positive about the homosexual lifestyle I would be think to myself he must’ve been told who runs things before hand

        “there are PLENTY of racists out there,
        but what would it look like if they got a pass to say what they really feel in a interview?”

        It would look like exactly like what it is currently

        I noticed in this country the minute you say something hateful you are accused of other things and the context is altered

        example Mel Gibson says his wife will get raped by a pack of niggers but the whole context of the conversation was him and his wife having a very heated argument but he is labeled a racist

        Alec Baldwin calling a photographer a faggot because he was taking photographs of him and his girlfriend during a private moment he is labeled a homophobe

        these are examples speech taken out of context and turned into something completely different

        He said something about homosexuals acts being condemned by the bible and is passed off as ignorant redneck but does it not say that in the bible?

        Someone commented Here saying that there are some gay ppl that don’t practice man to man sex but do you think he would take the time to understand something like that after saying what he said

        Again I’ll wrap this up because this too long but the only time I would look side eyed at comments like this is when they come out of the mouth of law makers or politicians

        Ignorant people carrying on like this should just be I ignored

  5. @James that wasn’t Mel Gibson’s first offense.He also said some very racist things about Latinos in that phone call that the reporters said was so bad they weren’t going to air it on TV.Nothing is taken out of context with these people.Alec Baldwin had called a Black Police Officer “a coon” a few months before the faggot incident.I don’t really get people that whine about freedom of speech.We know how this works.If you can rant like an adult then there will be no problems but most don’t.These people know they have a public image to protect if they want to keep being successful at what they do.Hell, we have to be careful what we say or else we could lose our jobs.James, you must be a Republican or White.

  6. @zen Buddha

    I’m neither I’m just conscious on what equality maybe I used bad examples to prove my point you don’t need to be a white republican to understand what unbiased equality is you just need common sense

    And maybe I was naïveté to think that to think that this man should’ve said what he said without any backlash but since ppl in general have to watch what they say because of backlash like this

    then there is no such thing as equality

    1. But he did say what he wanted so what’s the problem?Like I said, we can say whatever we want and people are free to react however they want to.If I called your mom a whore, is she just supposed shrug her shoulders and say “Well, you have a right to say that.”If she gets mad at me, are you gonna get upset with her?People who are always “YEAH, FREEDOM, YEAH, FREEDOM OF SPEECH” always act as if we can’t have any types of feelings toward what the person said when they’ve insulted us for something we can’t change.Excuse me for being a human being and having feelings.

      Adults need to stop whining when they lose their job for something they said.It’s called cause and effect.If Duck Dynasty was on Fox News, he wouldn’t have lost his job because they agree with his views.We all know there’s no such thing as equality anyway and why do Black folks only speak up about there being no equality when some hick runs his mouth about us.Are you really hurt by the fact that this cunt lost his job more than the fact that he said all us Black people were happy before Civil Rights.Really… SMH

      I don’t get people like you.We know how far we can go with our freedom of speech.There are limits depending on who you work for.

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