King James Was About Break Something OFF In That Ass

Lebron-James-Opening-Ceremonydon’t let the suit fool ya,
king  james got some “hood nigga” in him.
his teammate,
mario chalmers,
was about to experience that “hood” just last night…

i like when king gets all aggressive ‘n’ shit.
it makes me feel so hot..

right he is a married wolf.

i guess king was frustrated because the pacers were whooping that ass.
you know you would be ready to knock someone head off when you losing
and your testosterone is on high.

they ending up winning anyway,
so i’m sure all is right in miami today.
i hope.

lowkey: i had a dream king moved me in some crib and bought me nice things.
 he wanted head in exchange for those nice things.
i woke up before i made my decision.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “King James Was About Break Something OFF In That Ass”

  1. Neither of them could contain Paul George that was the problem. My man was going off lol. I hate the Heat, and I was excited to see them argue amongst each other lol. I would have been more excited if they lost.

    I love George Hill, but the Pacers need a true point guard to get past the Heat, period.

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