Does Norris Cole of The Miami Heat Like Foxhole? (Give Him My Email!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 4.02.02 PManyway i said to myself earlier:

“as soon as i get this laundry done,
we getting into this norris cole story…”

well laundry is done.
lets get into it.
so an f-bi sent me a link to cutie baller wolf,
norris cole of the miami heat,
being awfully generous to…
well let me show you…
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Everyone Meet Mr. and Mrs. Wade

zbm9kNdwell as you know,
dwyane wade and gabrielle union got married over the weekend.
they kept the wedding really private so there is not a ton of info.
well they did get married at a castle in florida.
a mansion that looks like a castle….
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King James Got Dem Bars Fo’ Dat Azz Son! (Killah)

lebron-james-championship-paradeso king james is on a roll.
he is one of the top baller wolves of this generation,
has a beautiful family,
his mountain of a body makes me absolutely weak,
and he pretty much has the world at his fingertips.
he also has “the itch”.
no not crabs silly.
he has the same itch kobe and shaq had.
whats that “itch” you ask?
the itch to rap.
that’s right.
king james can afford to rent out a studio and make us regret we have ears.
here is a sample of his rap “skills” over jay’s “fuckwithmeyouknowigotit“…
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Cum And Talk 2 Me

i’m now seeing these next set of videos.
they star nba baller wolves king james,
d wade,
and chris bosh.
they decided to take their talents to the stage.
battioke for charity 2014.
here they are singing jodeci’s “cum and talk to me”,
robin thicke’s “blurred lines”,
and a king james rendition of “back dat azz up”
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King James Was About Break Something OFF In That Ass

Lebron-James-Opening-Ceremonydon’t let the suit fool ya,
kingĀ  james got some “hood nigga” in him.
his teammate,
mario chalmers,
was about to experience that “hood” just last night…
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King James Has A Snow Wolf Twin?

lebron-james-decisionnow you know king james is sensitive about his looks…
so after scandal tonight,
i was flippin through channels to get to the #miamiheat game.
i landed on a ufc match where this snow wolf getting interviewed.
his name is nick fitch and he reminded me of the king.
take a look…
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