Everyone Meet Mr. and Mrs. Wade

zbm9kNdwell as you know,
dwyane wade and gabrielle union got married over the weekend.
they kept the wedding really private so there is not a ton of info.
well they did get married at a castle in florida.
a mansion that looks like a castle….

he spent 50 mill to get married on that “castle”.
according to the foxvine,
all the guests were told to wear white.
speaking of guests,
here is some picture vomit:

well everyone looks nice!
i know one thing
larry sims in the jean shorts…
would have been turned away at the door.
tf was he thinking?
here are some pictures of the bride and groom:

gabby looks stunning,
but did dwyane’s barber have the weekend off?
what is with that beard situation?
iT0cdPWbWziUBi can’t.
congrats to the wade union!
black love is truly amazing!

lowkey: so no king james and savannah?
i’m sure they had in case his ex wife showed up.

*pictures credited to their owners.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “Everyone Meet Mr. and Mrs. Wade”

    1. nah….lil’ man wasn’t allowed to come. On another note…I’ve heard Dwayne got a wandering eye like a mofo! I don’t want to hate…but I don’t see this one lasting long. Because I get the feeling he felt pressured to get married….and those type of situations do not make for a good marriage.
      When I was dating my ex, people would always ask when are ya’ll getting married. I would say never, and people would look at me like I said something wrong. They would ask again, and I would reiterate to them I am never getting married. They would then say well what if she wants to get married…I would reply, she is welcome to leave the relationship at any time because we had an understanding about that situation BEFORE we made a commitment to date one another. I don’t do something to make someone else happy at the expense of my own happiness. That ain’t gonna happen.
      That is why I say communication is key, because it can put an end to a lot of BS.

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