She Hulk Cleared Out The Entire Room

tumblr_mig6n0SNFn1r96lw8o1_500did anyone catch that she hulk whoopin’ ass and takin names tonight?…

well she hulk was being played by “joseline hernandez baby”.
so what kills me is tammy and althea.
both saying they beat up the she hulk on social media,
yet the cameras proved otherwise.
one sitting there smiling as that freight train was coming towards her.
the other whole pony tail got pulled off and used as a trophy.
as i’m watching,
it seems that this wasn’t all joseline’s fault tho.
all those people who got molly whopped were involved someway somehow.
now she isn’t there,
they all want to throw her under the bus?

i’m sleep tho.
well without she hulk on that show,
they all wouldn’t have jobs.
she is pretty much the star with her ratchet hulkin’ ass.

lowkey: like i said on twitter,
my inner ratchet would have been so turned on after brawlin’.
nothing is sexier than your man having your back.
i would have had to drain my wolves nut sack a couple times that night.
stevie j body tho>>>>>

18 thoughts on “She Hulk Cleared Out The Entire Room

  1. IDK what fight yall saw. Joseline definitely turned up but she wasn’t whoopin ass like dat. She swung on Althea but she aint beat her ass and it looked like Althea knocked her over the chair. Also where Im from if the mothafucka still look the same after you clowned with them then you aint beat they ass.

    1. EXACTLY Jay back in Philly if their lip isn’t busted, eye isn’t swollen shut, or they’re not messed up badly there wasn’t any fight lol…Joseline and Stevie are reality stars…NOTHING more nothing less.. Stevie J hasn’t been relevant for years in music and Joseline ain’t nothing more than a loud, chick with a fake ass lol…i know PLENTY of Latinas and most Latinas i know DON’T act like her…this show is nothing more than a stereotypical crack of bullshit lol and yet this show will remain on tv *yawns* someone needs to shoot Mona Scott like right now lol

  2. i love how stevie and joseline looked at each other, got up together, power walked across that stage:


    …and in unison got to beatin ass!
    i can’t even take it.
    joseline was not playing.
    stevie j got a beautiful body tho.
    when he took off that shirt,
    i was ready to get beat myself.
    …in the a good way.

    1. I hate the fact that I find Stevie attractive because he’s such a sleazy ho bag. I remember last week someone said “the way Stevie & Jos got up simultaneously was a real Power Rangers moment.” It sho was.

      I just saw the fight. I’m mad security was in Althea and Tammy’s way. They should’ve let them throw fists. I hate when people get in between a fight and allow one person to dominate. Deb did yank Jos hair a little tho. That was crazy but in the words of the immortal James Brown “cocaine is helluva drug.”

  3. @Christian and The Man. Scrappy is not attractive. He looks like a hairless beaver. He’s also a dumb slut which makes him even more unattractive.

    As for hurricane Jocelyn, I didn’t get to see it yet so I’m gonna watch the repeat at 10:30.

  4. She hulk and her man do make this show that fight was a laugh out loud good tim. And damn I almost forgot sexy Stevie’s body is

  5. She was out of hand. Joseline and Stevie are both on that stuff and it shows.

    S/N: Lil Scrappy is something nice to look at he? I want to sleep with him so bad. I’ll have him needing his inhaler.

      1. Not necessarily. Drugs affect each user’s body differently. Both of them stay in the gym, so they will never be skinny even if they use a lot. You would be surprised how many celebs use heavy drugs and it never affects their outer appearances.

    1. It was sad to see that spectacle on television. We gotta do better!
      I usually don’t watch these reality shows, but I heard people talking about “the fight” all weekend, so I wanted to see it.

      That being said….I agree, Scrappy is a thick cutie!
      The chick from Dirty Money has a good looking hubby as well!
      But as busted as Nikko is in the face…that body is ON POINT!!! Damn!

      1. Yea, Tony is right with that bald head and beard. Nikko is just….ugh lol. I can’t with him.

      1. I hate how the crews think she’s on drug
        Obviously they don’t know how Puerto Ricans are
        We are the type that we hold onto our anger until we exploded
        And when Stevie got up she took that opportunity to fight
        Pa’ carajo!

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