The Dreaded Baller Wolf Is Found

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 9.18.31 PMpeople sleep on my f-bi.
you shouldn’t.
like ever.
so my f-bi delivered this ( x no name baller wolf ).
his name is stephen campbell

426335_4708657321160_1514958020_n…and he has nice bewbs.
i’m kiddin!
no seriously…

RayLewisSmiley-1something about him screams:

“i get A LOT of ratchet pussy”

just a hunch.
let’s get into him:

fullback (literally)
college: west virginia wesleyan
drafted: colts then redskins
currently: undrated free agent

2014 wasn’t this baller wolf’s year.
i’m sure he is still lookin for a team.
maybe it’s too late this season?
next maybe?

*pictures credited to its owner

8 thoughts on “The Dreaded Baller Wolf Is Found

  1. this is my TYPE perfectly Jamari this is the type of guy i always either attract or go for lol…i like my men with some meat on them and i love a brotha with locs and a nice chest…excuse me while i save all of his pics into my computer lol…he too FINE!!!!

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