The Baller Wolf With Dreads Over Dere

hold up…
*looks back*




yeah i’m back to my love of all things (pre)baller wolves again.
change has cum this era.

i need to find ^dis b wolf here.

9 thoughts on “The Baller Wolf With Dreads Over Dere

  1. OMG! I went to High School with him!!!!. lol. His real name is Stephen Campbell but his Facebook name is Mithras Truthe. I have no idea why!lolol. But he def came a looooonngg way!!.

  2. Have no idea who this is, maybe I’m slipping. He fine tho.

    Y’all should check out that boi Niles Paul who also plays for the Redskins tho. Y’all will die when you see him. When I first seen him I had to take two Tylenol and a long nap. Look him up at your own risk. Mane!!

  3. LORD boy you about to kill me first CJ, then the fine guys from Texas now this chocolate eye candy with the locs….*logs off before i have a heart attack* thank you for the eye candy today ‘;-0

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