i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (97)

i thought this type of shit only happened in the movies.

Scorned she-jackal,
or vixen depending on who you talk to,
disrupting a wedding.
the pastor says “speak now of forever hold your peace,
which is a crock of shit,
and here go the scorned and bitter lov-ah.

It ends in a ravaged wedding dress,
blackened eyes,
and a security escort out the door.

well judging from this video on tik tok

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Everyone Meet Mr. and Mrs. Wade

zbm9kNdwell as you know,
dwyane wade and gabrielle union got married over the weekend.
they kept the wedding really private so there is not a ton of info.
well they did get married at a castle in florida.
a mansion that looks like a castle….
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Kandi’s Wedding Was Interesting

2ASmc7Hso kandi got married last weekend to mr. selfie,
todd tucker.
i’m waiting to see his wedding selfie.
mama joyce didn’t show her ass,
which i guess was good.
bad for “us”.
anyway i was looking at the wedding pictures from in touch and well…
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Amber Rose’s Baby Is NOT Gay.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.48.12 PMpeople can be so fuckin’ ignorant.
amber rose learned that over this weekend.
she tweeted something positive about her baby bash and of course,
some asshole trolls came out from under the bridge to ruin it…

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X Marks The F0x: Brandon Marshall Stabbed By Wife?

Remember this?


Well who would have known…

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