Kandi’s Wedding Was Interesting

2ASmc7Hso kandi got married last weekend to mr. selfie,
todd tucker.
i’m waiting to see his wedding selfie.
mama joyce didn’t show her ass,
which i guess was good.
bad for “us”.
anyway i was looking at the wedding pictures from in touch and well…

“coming to america” theme?
the wedding gown being 20,000 dollars?
( x fantasia cussin’ during her speech )?
sounded like a ghettofantabulous time on kandi’s dime.
i kid.
congrats to the couple.

pictures: in touch weekly

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Kandi’s Wedding Was Interesting

  1. Jamari I don’t know about you but I’m not feeling the dress with those horrid mesh sleeves and that crown :/ and that poor lion

  2. My first thought was “How many Ostriches did she kill to make that dress?”

    Looks like she let a bunch of second graders make the top half.

  3. LMFHO!!!!! What a very clever idea – getting married, but making it a ‘costume party’ dress code!!!!! I think the lady who came in the feather, mesh, number, topped with a tiara clearly wins my vote for tackiest, trashiest look!!!!!!

    I expect to see that dress on a full figured drag queen soon!

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