Kandi’s Wedding Was Interesting

2ASmc7Hso kandi got married last weekend to mr. selfie,
todd tucker.
i’m waiting to see his wedding selfie.
mama joyce didn’t show her ass,
which i guess was good.
bad for “us”.
anyway i was looking at the wedding pictures from in touch and well…
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The Lord of The Selfies

the new way to show the world an up close and personal view of yourself.
no one else.
just you.
in a mirror,
at the park,
at school,
on the toilet,
giving birth,
or at a funeral:

avoid-selfie-funeral“caption: at big mama funeral!
click click my nigga”
required for instagram or other attention whoring purposes.
now you know i love sexy wolves,
but someone sent me a selfie bouquet of todd tucker (kandi’s fiance from rhoa) and well…
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