The Lord of The Selfies

the new way to show the world an up close and personal view of yourself.
no one else.
just you.
in a mirror,
at the park,
at school,
on the toilet,
giving birth,
or at a funeral:

avoid-selfie-funeral“caption: at big mama funeral!
click click my nigga”
required for instagram or other attention whoring purposes.
now you know i love sexy wolves,
but someone sent me a selfie bouquet of todd tucker (kandi’s fiance from rhoa) and well…

137262_originalthis is a man who loves his face and the angles he has discovered ya’ll.
is he doing too much?
im thinking this is just a little OD
if that camera was anymore up his face,
we could read his thoughts.
no doubt todd isn’t a handsome short wolf,
but sheesh.
gives a new meaning to “todd likes facials”.
i am starting to think the selfie is the new personality tho.
much needed for those without one.

lowkey: i loved this cartoon about “the many ways to selfies” tho:

go see more selfies: here
cartoon found: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Lord of The Selfies”

  1. A couple of those selfies are horrible. The camera is way too close to his face. You have to do better Todd lol. He is still cute tho. Kandi better keep him, a lot of women and even men would love to have a man like him. I definitely would.

    S/N: Have any of you ever dealt with a nasty roommate? I returned from class yesterday morning and found my tub filled with dirt, lots of dirt, and a foul odor. The smell was so bad, that if I was in a cartoon my nose would have shriveled up and fell off. I was in complete shock that all of that dirt was on a human body. It looks like dirty pigs had a fight in my tub. You know I wasn’t cleaning that shit up. When he came back to the room last night, I got on that ass. Yesterday was the first time he showered in six days, yes six. He usually goes three or four days, and there is only small amounts of dirt, but yesterday pushed me to the limit.The dirt is in chunks as big as my thumbnail, and it is still there after I told him about it. Get this tho, he is 27 years old. I have talked to my friends and family about it, and I have confronted him about it. I had to walk to the other side of the apt and use my other roommates shower this morning. That’s crazy. Why do niggas think it is ok not to shower everyday?

    1. ^ewwwww wtf.
      this is why i can’t do roommates.
      sadly tho,
      a lot of dudes out here are nasty AF.
      buy him a scrub brush for christmas.
      i hope you can get that resolved soon.

    2. I did my freshman year in college. My roommate was one of those white boy skater dudes. He wore the same pair of skinny black jeans so much they probably could have got up and walked away by themselves. He wore the same pair of underwear at least three days in a row and I know this because he would talk on the phone and tell his friends about it. Some people just have no damn shame. The thing is you have to be firm with a roommate, but you also don’t want to do anything that would cause any serious problems between the two of you. Just stay on his ass about it. He is way too old for this.

  2. I can’t stand cellphones, iphone, etc. because to have a real conversation in person is like talking to a wall. And everyone got this thing was they show too much of their privacy, now I do share certain things to the cyber people, but it limit. I hope I find a man that isn’t in love with his phone more than me.

  3. Wow is all I can say, that if I didnt know who this dude was, I would think he was GAY and really self absorbed, he is a little old for this level of attention whoring. Hmm I may have to rethink some of the things Kandi crazy ass mama be saying, he looks very sneaky in his pics, I dont know I may be wrong because I dont know him but pictures say alot about us and our moods and feelings without us even realizing it. I think someone loves the spotlight and it aint Kandi.

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