Stuck Between A Rock and A Bored Place (and With No Wifi At That!)

chilllife^me last night on the porch.
yesterday was one of the most chill days since i been down here.
karaoke took the car,
the wifi was not working,
and nothing was on tv.

“can i talk to the manager please?!
his name his god…
jesus or something.
yes i’ll hold.”

so i had nothing to do.
well i did do laundry and clean the house.
is this what a house-band feels like?
well it would feel better if i had the hub’s funds to go buy myself a little happy.
i was bored to tears yesterday,
see that’s the thing with fl.
you HAVE to have a car.
if not you WILL be doing a lot of walking for miles.
well on the positive,
im not dealing with that snow situation up there.
thank god for that.
i did just get a call from my vixen friend,
the one who works at that temp agency,
waking me up out my sleep asking me to come in for a job.
im surprised it wasn’t cancelled.
i could hear the vomit rise in her throat when i told her i was in florida.
im sure she’ll have a thousand jobs for me then.

unamusedfacelowkey: im realizing i ALWAYS need wifi and my laptop.
i HAVE to update.
i get a real nasty attitude when i can’t.
i’m starting to think technology runs my life.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Stuck Between A Rock and A Bored Place (and With No Wifi At That!)”

  1. It the same here in Maine. I need a car for EVERYTHING!!! And my ass is getting tired of sitting so much. And what even worst the cold weather.

      1. Yea I gotta get out of here of this gringo town. And omg I just realize something if you do decide to stay in FL and once you settle down with everything you can go to PR or DR for a vacation and the eye candies

  2. Be positive; this is a great time for you to simply chill. Your friend’s invitation to spend time with her is a godsend. Glad you’re helping with chores. Something else you might do is exercise around her place; do some calisthenics and make sure you do some squats; we wolves like our foxes to have nice firm buns so we can squeeze and smack and…:). You get my drift:). Consider this camp; plus it’s free! We know you love wi-fi, but you are in treatment. Don’t worry about constant updates. We don’t mind. We want you to get well. That’s our priority and don’t forget it. Now, hit the floor. Give me 20 pushups then give me some squats. Be careful about walking in rural areas; they have that stand your ground law there and are shooting too many of us for just knocking on doors for assistance. Get well and much love.

    1. ^thank you oh!
      that means a lot!

      i was telling someone last night that coming here has helped me so much.
      i feel completely different and just in a better frame of mind.
      i’m driving again and that feels soooooo good oh.
      i love to drive and getting my license was heavenly.
      speaking of the gym,
      there is a gym in this community,
      but karaoke lost the key and hasn’t been able to find it.
      i went to see about a replacement and it is 25 dollars!!!!
      i can’t even afford that,
      but i would love to go to that gym.
      no one is ever in there!
      i will do the squats tho.
      at least i can knock out 100 of those a night 😉
      i will take your advice and just chill.
      im so use to being on the go,
      updating the site regularly,
      that its hard to unplug.

      ya know,
      you have motivated me to go and take a walk around the area.
      i’ll take your advice on being careful.
      we all know how they do in florida.

      i’ll put a few updates and be out the door!

  3. You will be fine man. Just keep your mind in tact and remain positive.

    As for the snow up this way, it is beautiful. Love it lol. I don’t have class, so I don’t have to leave my apt. I feel bad for the travelers though. People are out there a slippin and a sliddin everywhere.

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