Devin Thomas: The Rasta Hippie

devinthomasbeforeremember this devin thomas?
the one who EVERYONE had their thirst meters up?
well that devin thomas,
the legend of looks and the foxhole,
has changed as most of you know.
an f-bi sent me this and i had to upload it…

where did this jamaican thing come from?
well i was told this all allegedly started when my poor devin was up the industry.
the industry is a dangerous playground for people who aren’t mentally prepared for it.
well allegedly something in that world fucked him up so bad that has created this.
“this” didn’t just happen.
did some voodoo hoe put some laced mind warp pussy on him?
im very confused,
but at the end of the day im sure he’ll still get pussy.
don’t get me wrong,
i’d still let him smash while listening to bob marley greatest hits

…and a belly full of red stripe and patty coco bread and cheese.
from his instagram.
he is growing his hair out for locks:

…so you can follow the progress ( x here ).
i wish you well dt.

x see the old devin here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Devin Thomas: The Rasta Hippie”

  1. LMAO I’m mad you said his belly is filled with red strip and cocoa bread! That youtube video is giving me a poor mans version of a caribbean pimp, smh shame

  2. hey. i think he will look hot a fuck with his locks…if he is a true rasta then he should be doing only veg so if he is fit and only eating vegs then he will be fine as fuck. You should see some of these rasta niggas here in jamaica ..DAMMMMMN…so devin, lighten up on the smokes, grow your hair, stay healthy and come out swinging that juicy ass and dick in our face you sweet MF you …hmm

  3. He’s still handsome but… he need to make up his mind.First he was looking Muslim, now he wants to be a Rasta.Next(cross your fingers) he might be going into drag queen territory.

    On the real real, I can’t see him with dreadlocks.

  4. did some voodoo hoe put some laced mind warp pussy on him?

    Why did this line give me everlasting life on today. I am howling right now. I was actually feeling a little down on today because of some foul shit that happen to me this weekend but this has lifted me to press on for another day. Well whatever Devin is going thru, I hopes he comes out ok. I just sense something aint quite right with his spirit. Many think because you have fame and fortune you can be at peace, but sadly thats not the case. This world is cold once the spotlight dims and the big money stops coming in. I would have thought he would have pursued his modeling more intensely, but again I dont know what is going on, but I am lighting a candle and pouring one up for one of the most beautiful men to ever play the game.

  5. I prefer the way he looked before. I would still mess with him tho. Now would be a nice time to get him cause he seems confused.

    I remember when Jamari used to be crazy about this dude. Devin this and Devin that lol. If he were able to get pregnant Devin would have been the father without a doubt lol.

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