Devin Thomas, The Foxhole Fav, Gets Some Pipe Leakage

/this entry is definitely parental advisory.
viewer discretion is advised.

^this was my favorite picture of his.
remember when my first baller wolf crush was on devin thomas?
that is how the foxhole was born.
i wanted that pipe and i wanted it bad.
well he went left field,
lost his career,
latched onto that weed religion,
and i got confused with the antics.
he could have been big,
but it seems he was exposed to something that ruined him.
well slapmyfatty did it again.
he/she/it got the nudes of my past crush for 2017.
check out devin thomas without the fur

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Devin Thomas In Hospital; Says May Die?

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 4.23.57 PMummmmmmmmok“chinchillas for errbody”?

tumblr_lke2rrEiMe1qfwr0qo1_500what in every bit of “wtf”?
i hope he is gonna be okay.
seems like the emotional jackal and hyenas are getting him.
i def send my prayers to his entire situation.

x go to his instagram

Devin Thomas: The Rasta Hippie

devinthomasbeforeremember this devin thomas?
the one who EVERYONE had their thirst meters up?
well that devin thomas,
the legend of looks and the foxhole,
has changed as most of you know.
an f-bi sent me this and i had to upload it…
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f0xmail: Look At All The Field Negros! Look At Em!


So, I was looking up info on Darrelle Revis and clicked a Google image which led me to the following website.
All I can say is, who does stuff like this?  Can u imagine the time and effort it took?  Someone has too much hate on their hands.

 However, as I scrolled through the images, I said to myself…Well Damn!


Devin Thomas: CUT.

OKNOsorry my patois is a little rusty lol
born again jamaican…
baller wolf,
devin thomas,
was cut from the detriot lions over the weekend.

x read about it here

remember when i… we… everyone all use to think he was fine as hell?
good lawd what happened?
he is definitely into this rasta thing heavvvvvvvy.
is he even jamaican?
he looks like he lives in a forest and cooks his food over an open fire.
i’m completely baffled with all this.

Devin Thomas Is Playing Football Again!

don’t call it a comeback?…

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