Devin Thomas In Hospital; Says May Die?

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 4.23.57 PMummmmmmmmok“chinchillas for errbody”?

tumblr_lke2rrEiMe1qfwr0qo1_500what in every bit of “wtf”?
i hope he is gonna be okay.
seems like the emotional jackal and hyenas are getting him.
i def send my prayers to his entire situation.

x go to his instagram

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Devin Thomas In Hospital; Says May Die?”

    1. I know bipolar people go back and forth in behavior so that’s probably the disorder talking.I don’t think he’ll die.He needs to get on that herbalife.He’d be a great campaign model.

  1. Omg i know this is wrong to say cause I am actually bipolar but this is kind of funny hes kind of overdramatic. And ur caption is hilarious with the question mark lol I hope I dont offend anyone.

  2. You know, maybe he is bipolar. Things would make so much more sense. The erratic behavior, violent mood swings…

  3. sounds like he is bipolar….Brandon marshall and Catherine zeta jones have the same problem…..this is not funny but sad….

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