Devin Thomas, The Foxhole Fav, Gets Some Pipe Leakage

/this entry is definitely parental advisory.
viewer discretion is advised.

^this was my favorite picture of his.
remember when my first baller wolf crush was on devin thomas?
that is how the foxhole was born.
i wanted that pipe and i wanted it bad.
well he went left field,
lost his career,
latched onto that weed religion,
and i got confused with the antics.
he could have been big,
but it seems he was exposed to something that ruined him.
well slapmyfatty did it again.
he/she/it got the nudes of my past crush for 2017.
check out devin thomas without the fur

he can’t even deny his tattoos for an “allegedly”.

…and that is what the pipe is like not even hard.
his bawdy still looks good.
he is also lowkey crazy so i bet the stroke is spectacular too.
i know he’s getting pussy even as a regula degula shemegula.
you mean to tell me you wouldn’t be trying to smash if he showed up at your church function?
i would love to hear who had a piece of devin during his nfl years.
any sex tapes for review?
slapmyfatty gets all the props for this.
even though i’m over devin…

…i’d still do it for my curiosity’s sake.

2017 seems like the year everyone is coming back from the past.
i’ll allow it if they are bringing “i’ll do better” gifts.

lowkey: why do they hate on slapmyfatty?
unlike the others,
he just drops the hot shit.
we don’t have time to play “duck duck goose” for some nudes.

video and pictures taken: slapmyfatty

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Devin Thomas, The Foxhole Fav, Gets Some Pipe Leakage”

  1. Glad he cleaned up his act. For a minute he looked like a straight up addict. He let his facial hair and hair grow out so much so that he looked like a homeless Rastafarian at one point! No disrespect!
    He looks good..and that pipe looks nice too!

  2. Damn! He’s carrying some nice equipment 😍. Love a wolf that keeps the fur trimmed.

  3. LMAO I saw this on my TUMBLR timeline this morning before I went to work and I said wait to Jamari gets a hold of this, I knew it was going to be on the Foxhole, I have hollered when I get home from work and log in to see an entry, its like I know this place so well. Yes I had forgot all about Devin but this is a nice going away from Slapmyfatty, apparently this was the last post so she/he went out with a bang. A Dirty Lil Secret Blog is the one who allegedly always snitch because they are jealous of the success. ADLS always wants someone to kiss their ass for nudes or try to sell them on the first to pay rent and Slap does it for the love of the game. I know I shouldnt be right clicking like I do but damn Devin was probably the foxholes all time favorite. He def stood out in the pack and just to think all these boys we lust over eventually show it all, I am praying for the nudes of Travis Cure and Royal LOL

    1. ^smh.
      sad about the tumblr beef.
      there is so much room at the table,
      yet we have this mentality it can only be just one.
      if this was slave times,
      i can just imagine the amount of whoopings and killings because a field negro wanted to be in house.

    2. Thats what I LOVED about Slapmyfatty give it for free. Devin looks completely different, didnt recognized Still wish he had released Pooch’s picture. I wonder how or whose gonna get the private snapchats from Slapmyfatty. Hell, I want to be on that list. lol

  4. Ever since you introduced this guy to me through your blog there hasn’t been a baller to top this guys face, body, and sexiness . Odell comes close but Devin had it all lol

    His pipe is nice looks great against his rock hard body

      1. I know you’re not really one for jack off videos but he’s so sexy he can get away with it.

  5. *gasp* OMG! Who knew he had something nice there! I love a black man whose dick sits on top of his balls! Not too big nor too small! Just right for me to ride on, suck, lick, and get F***ED by!

    1. I was wondering if anybody else was thinking that,too bruh! I go crazy when that dick sits on top of those fatty balls, mane!!!!!

      1. Baaaaby that’s the best dick in the world! I mean when a man’s dick is hanging on his fat juicy balls, he is a grower and a decent shower. Plus his stroke game is A-1 and amazing and then the pillow talk after will make him even more special.

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