Atlanta Will Be Going To Bed Early Tonight

…the upset!

What had happened?

ya’ll got a ton of strippers mad over that loss tonight.
hell the gays was about show out too.

lowkey: they are some cuties on the atlanta falcons tho.
lets get to work.

10 thoughts on “Atlanta Will Be Going To Bed Early Tonight

  1. They deserve to lose. For the entire game, they had a sizable difference and you let the Patriots catch up and win the game. lmfao.

  2. This one hurt so many people in the nation were pulling for ATL due to Trump and the Patriots all being Buddy Buddy, I guess this is a time when doom comes to the nation LOL, with all the Trumpanzees happy tonight their great white hope is the winner, Cheetos in Charge has been on Twitter of course, congratulating his good friend tommy boy brady. ESPN and all the sports channels will be falling over themselves kissing his ass for the next week. Anyway, dont know what happen to the Falcons, at the end but proud of them never the less for almost delivering that upset, they are not my team so I aint too sad and its only 5 months to the new season starts all over again. Hopefully we will all make it that far and not be in White Man’s Hell with this crazy MF in charge.

  3. …..But the pity sex will be at an all time high!!!!! Yaaaaaaasssss…..Won’t even have to work for it…lolol

  4. Idk what happened, I just knew Atlanta had it. You know the Atlanta players are all in their emotions right now. Chiropractors will be busy tomorrow, some backs are going to need readjusting due to those Atlanta players taking their frustrations out on some pussy or booty hole. By the way have you’ll seen that big sexy Vic Beasley damn that man is fine.

    1. It’s called entertainment. I don’t watch football but I knew what the score was before I went to bed. I wake up at 1a and see that they won in overtime. It was set up that way.

      1. @diobro…I was actually thinking that but kept my mouth shut. You had the NFL’s cash cow, next to Dallas, getting their asses handed to them in a blowout game. Goodell couldn’t let THAT happen.
        Whatever was said in the locker room worked…and Atlanta “fell apart”. (rolling my eyes)

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