Idris Elba Wants The “Pounding Of His Yams” To Be Perfect

every time i see that “pounding of the yams” thing,
i laugh and get a bit turned on.
i’ll save my ratchetness for another time.
so valentine’s day is about a week away.

Who is going on that Valentine’s date with Idris Elba?

this is for my vixens.
i don’t think this one is “foxhole friendly”
…or could it?
idris has teamed up with omaze for a night you may never forget.
( x see that entry here )
well since idris wants this date to be perfect,
he has teamed up with advisors to make sure everything goes smooth.
check out this video of what they spoke about…

when idris talks in his regular accent,
it drives me wild.
*tries to contact ratchetness for pg entry*
that was cute tho.
those cubs gave him some great advice.
i am really interested in how this will all go.
to learn more about idris and his date,
head on over to:


…it’s even better since it’s for a good cause!

lowkey: i would love it if idris elba would pound my yams.
nice and hard.
i had to say it.

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