“I Donated 100 Million To Texas! I Won As Best Donator Ever!”

no one has to know when you do a good thing.
charity work and donations don’t need to be advertised.
i’m noticing something with all the celebs donating to texas recently.


look at this recent video from drake
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Idris Elba Wants The “Pounding Of His Yams” To Be Perfect

every time i see that “pounding of the yams” thing,
i laugh and get a bit turned on.
i’ll save my ratchetness for another time.
so valentine’s day is about a week away.

Who is going on that Valentine’s date with Idris Elba?

this is for my vixens.
i don’t think this one is “foxhole friendly”
…or could it?
idris has teamed up with omaze for a night you may never forget.
( x see that entry here )
well since idris wants this date to be perfect,
he has teamed up with advisors to make sure everything goes smooth.
check out this video of what they spoke about…
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You Can Have Idris Elba Without Sliding In His DMs

this maybe for “vixens only”,
but whenever big money is involved,
it may just change.
so ^that could be idris elba getting ready for a date with you.
it is definitely not a joke.
idris is auctioning himself off as a “date” for valentine’s day.
it’s still not a joke.
check out the ad for this date…
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Let Prince Inspire U

tumblr_n6v0s12GJs1tuy8zto2_1280prince has still been effecting me.
i cannot believe he died the way he did.
i always thought prince would live to be like 100.
like rose nyland,
he would do random pop ups in his old age and be gone like a ghost.
57 is just way too young.
it makes me sad all of our black legends died so lonely
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Adrian Peterson Likes To Have Sex (For A Good Cause!)

tumblr_inline_nby8kyo14y1ss6hjj…lets hope the “good cause” is equal nuts.
so as you know,
adrian peterson is a christian.

well how could you not tell?
his social media accounts was one big bible study.
well i guess that was on social media,
because when adrian was off,
he likes to get off.
it seems adrian likes sex.
lots of christian type of sex with random holes.
so much so,
he allegedly used his charity credit card to fund an all night sex party…
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Cum And Talk 2 Me

i’m now seeing these next set of videos.
they star nba baller wolves king james,
d wade,
and chris bosh.
they decided to take their talents to the stage.
battioke for charity 2014.
here they are singing jodeci’s “cum and talk to me”,
robin thicke’s “blurred lines”,
and a king james rendition of “back dat azz up”
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