“I Donated 100 Million To Texas! I Won As Best Donator Ever!”

no one has to know when you do a good thing.
charity work and donations don’t need to be advertised.
i’m noticing something with all the celebs donating to texas recently.


look at this recent video from drake

the rock,
kevin hart,
ezekiel elliot,
chris brown,
and a countless bunch of others all screamed how much they donated.
some were even challenged to donate.
it was all extravagant amounts of money,
which is great,

but did it need to be really mentioned?
you can say you donated,
but is it necessary to say how much?

as soon as diddy revealed he donated 25k,
black twitter jumped down his throat.

“he too rich to be giving so little!”
“he cheap as hell!”
“diddy can do better!”

so i had to wonder

Is it tacky to release how much you donated to a cause?

…or maybe it isn’t?
now everyone who didn’t donate,
or scream to the mountain tops that they did,
are in for a public shaming.
where do we,

the common citizens for the forest,
even donate anyway?
i hear the red cross is allegedly sketchy as hell.
i’m looking into ( x beyonce ) charity.

If anyone has the correct charities to donate to,
that won’t scam or steal,
please post in the foxhole!

lowkey: i was shocked to find out all prince did in silence.

18 thoughts on ““I Donated 100 Million To Texas! I Won As Best Donator Ever!”

  1. It is good that they donated, but it is not a competition, and it is shady for a person to disclose how much they donated. People need help period, and that is what it is really about. It seems people are more focused on building their image and brand than being genuine.

  2. Maybe I am missing the point because I am in houston, but I don’t care if they are shouting at cows over the moon. The money is needed, no matter your reason or where your heart is, it is a good cause. There are people who came to my job today who told me that they had to be rescued and stayed in a shelter. That shit is real. Regardless of how tacky it is or is not, it’s a good cause. Also, who is anyone to judge? If a celeb donated 25K of their hard earned money, they have the right to say it or not. That’s the problem with the world, people need to stay in their lane. Master P’s opinion didn’t put more money into the funds at all(yes he donated but that doesn’t encourage others too). Kevin challenging other celebs to match him did…so what’s really good??

    1. I agree with King. Who cares if celebrities are giving for self promotion. They are doing something and encouraging other people to do something too. This is a monumental event; there are many, MANY people with huge losses in Houston and the surrounding communities. A fuckload of money will be needed to make lives whole again. Funds like JJ’s are local and 100% will go to victims. And if people feel some kind of way about what these celebrities are doing, they should check themselves and use that energy to help.

  3. SMH to be honest, I think it’s very unecessary for celebrities to do anything dealing with charitable work. I applaud for their efforts, but to sit here and announce it? Um…no. It’s great they’re rich and got money, but hon, save your coins for a rainy day unless you are really a secret millionaire and just want to donate just because. The bible said the poor will be among you. Anyway, Drake could’ve just kept it to himself.

  4. Master P explained exactly how I feel about the situation.

    It’s easy (and a nice tax write off) to write a check to some charity where only 10 cents of every dollar will actually make it to those who need it and give yourself a pat on the back. Meanwhile executives at these organizations make 300K a year.

    I was personally more moved by the people that were actually out there at the ground level helping people like KIng Keraun and Mattress Mack.

    Donating money is cool but at least research where you’re making donations. You’d be better off giving money directly to the cities affected than the Red Cross or Goodwill.

      1. Yes,thanks for asking. FEMA inspected my house today I had minor damage I only had a few inches of water.I think he said four inches according to the water line.I have to replace carpet in two room and a couple of room size rugs that’s basically it.I am very fortunate compared to many people.I also have flood insurance but I was told you can fill out a FEMA application even if you have flood insurance but you have to list your flood insurance and home owners insurance on FEMA application.

  5. At this point as long as those people in need are getting the help and resources I don’t care how it’s happening.

  6. Personally I think it’s tasteless to say how much you give to charity, to any charity. I greatly admire the people who give their time, much more than the people who just give money.

  7. Matthew 6:3, don’t mean to get biblical on you all. All these wealthy celebrities should give back. To whom much is given, much is required Luke 12:36

  8. Social media will be the downfall of humanity. Im certain of that now more than ever. Ultimately the flood victims need assistance of any kind. I hope they recieve the assistance ASAP. I learned after the Haiti crisis how to help the best way that works for me. I wonder if the people criticizing the celebrity donations are doing anything themselves to help Houston?

  9. Tbh id rather go the Prince route or even do what Beyonce did and secretly pay bail for blm folks. Like i don’t want people to know my efforts because it becomes more about looking at me than helping to help.

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