Frank Ocean Is A “Provider” For A Becky With The Nice Teeth?

what is the male equivalent for “becky”?
so one of my dreams is to have secret romantic rendezvous with someone in the public eye.
they hit me up,
say “pack a bag”,
and i’m somewhere exciting for the weekend.
all to be at work on monday morning with no issues.
it seems like frank ocean does that with his alleged love interests.
so remember how we posted about his alleged ( x model bae )?
well he might have a new one.
the f-bi put together some clues for us to sniff out.
so the alleged new one is memo guzman

nice eyebrows,
nice white teeth,
nice mouth,
and a nice quiet social media presence.
perfect for when creeping.
well they were both spotted at the mayweather/mcgregor fight:

 memo also dropped clues on his ig:

…but the biggest one was when memo posted about frank’s new song,
all the way in july on twitter:

 if you listen to the first lyric in the song:

“memo finna start actin’ out if I don’t see him soon…” 

now it might be platonic,
but you never know with frankie.
i only “act out” when i want to see you and you “busy” all the time.
can you pencil in a dick down during your busy schedule?
i’m saying.
i’ll allow it.
frankie gets all the alleged cute ones,
don’t he?

check out memo’s: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

48 thoughts on “Frank Ocean Is A “Provider” For A Becky With The Nice Teeth?”

    1. I’m right with you Jammy. The thing is — you and i both know that on ground level, the MAJORITY of us are dating, loving, building relationships with and growing romantically alongside the company of other gay, black men. HOWEVER, this is 2017 where imagery and representation in manstream pop culture, DEFINES segments and groups of people to those who are unfamiliar. When you have maybe only 7 famous gay black men between television, film, sports, politics and music ALL seen publicly with white, light, racially ambiguous men, it makes it LOOK to the outside world that same gender loving black men, DO NOT romantically attach to other same gender loving black men. There’s no balance.

    2. NOW…if Jussie Smollett were to today or tomorrow publicly claim a beautiful, dark skin brotha as his man and lifelong partner, and then 4-5 others standing on the front line of entertainment would follow suit, then MAYBE I could stomach the Lee Daniels’, Rupaul’s, Michael Sams’, Don Lemon’s, Deray Mckesson’s & Frank Ocean’s who all choose “OTHER”…all of the time. It is purely DISGUSTING!

      1. THE PROBLEM is that because there are so FEW black male entertainers, athletes, actors, politicians, etc. in mainstream pop culture who are gay identifying, it truly does misrepresent our community as a whole, when the Michael Sam’s, Rupaul’s, Lee Daniels’, Frank Ocean’s, Don Lemon’s & Deray McKesson’s are ALL dating or married to white, light, foreign, mixed race men. THAT IS A PROBLEM! Unlike black heterosexual men who exist in drove numbers amongst the Hollywood elite, our community lacks a balanced spectrum of famous, black, same-gender-loving men who are regularly seen romantically with OTHER black, same-gender-loving men.

      2. We don’t have another LIST of famous, OUT, black gay men like the ones I just called out to counterbalance the snow kweens like Michael Sam, Rupaul, Lee Daniels, Frank Ocean, Don Lemon & Deray McKesson who solely and very specifically go after the non-black men.

    1. Okay but still, these men that you so-called name aren’t even on my radar for potential heroes to rally for me. Michael Sam broke up with Vito a couple of years ago, Jussie Smollett has not officially came out the closet, DeRay McKesson is not on my radar nor do I care for the Planet of Apes star (the trailer triggered him), RuPaul doesn’t have to like black men just because she/he is black, Don Lemon BEEN cooning, and Lee Daniels is whack anyway. My point is this: WHY DO YOU CARE?! WHY? WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT WHO THESE INDIVIDUALS DATE?! They haven’t hit you up to go on a date, they went to other people who they find attractive! You WISH they were your potential partner, but the gag is, NO ONE WANTS TO DATE AN EMOTIONAL BLACK KWEEN LIKE YOURSELF WHO LOVES HANGING OUT AT THE FUCKING BAGGAGE CLAIM AT AN AIRPORT BECAUSE YOU LOVE BAGGAGE.

      On the top of that, calling someone, “SNOW QUEEN” IS REALLY GETTING ON MY NERVES! Like seriously. It is the ONLY THING that I have a problem with in your “rants” NOT ARGUMENTS, BUT RANTS. This is like the SECOND time I’ve seen you post on this website and I say that you’re a troll! A GAY MARXIST PRO BLACK SJW EMOTIONAL CARELESS MESSY DISRESPECTFUL PETTY ASS TROLL! I mean c’mon, this is really getting out of hand with you commenting on what Jamari or anyone else’s posts. To sit here and side with what you’re saying, I rather not. I don’t do groupthink because that’s for children. But yet, I’m arguing with one. Now, let me say this for the record, I DON’T GIVE A ZERO 747 MH370 PAN AM TWA DELTA SOUTHWEST NORTHWEST AIR FORCE ONE SPIRIT VALUJET FLYING FUCK ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL! It’s an opinion, just like you have one, just like I have one. Just like anyone has one! If most are facts, then where are the fucking facts? WHERE?! BITCH WHERE?! I need to see receipts! Right now front and center!

      *in my Deb Antony’s voice* GODDAMN!

    2. What’s to say they never dated a black man before. Maybe that black man did them wrong, the person they’re currently dating came along, or may have been in their life all along….and they ended up being happy with THAT person.

      You go with the person that makes YOU happy & makes YOU feel complete. Fuck society’s version of the way it SHOULD be. This ain’t Disney.

      If it’s not a black man they’re with, oh well. As long as the person makes them happy, who cares what color/nationality they are.

    1. Frank Ocean dates black guys and that’s well documented. On this very blog, there’s a post about him…possibly dating a black guy. This guy is also a person of color. Don’t get why people get so jaded over black men dating outside their race.

      1. if you don’t “get why people get so jaded over black men dating outside their race” it’s because either you are NOT a gay black man OR you yourself are one of the snow kweens we are referencing who will have sex with a black man behind-closed-doors — one who actually LOOKS like a typical black man …BUT then you’ll only date and be publicly seen with the Dylan’s, Miguel’s, Sergio’s, & Chen Li’s.

      2. and…IF indeed there is this alleged “documentation” of Frank Ocean POSSIBLY dating a black man, I guarantee you that the black man lacked melanin of any kind & could pass for any biracial mix.

        when we say BLACK or PERSON OF COLOR, we are talking about individuals who present physically as UNQUESTIONABLE black men. Frank Ocean has N E V E R been linked to a man who undoubtedly looks to be black — stemming from a purely black mother and a purely black father. don’t play stupid here. you know EXACTLY what we mean.

  1. Yawn. These black male celebrities dating “preferences” both gay and straight, are so predictable. I’m so bored and over it already. Report to me when one of these dudes dates another black man. Now THAT would be surprising news

    1. I fell you man. Im becoming extremely indifferent to it. I remember having a lengthy conversation about this with a coworker friend last week. Black love seems to be an oddity now.

    2. EXACTLY! Ive been patiently waiting to see Jussie Smollett show up to an event with his partner at his side. I pray to God he is involved with a beautiful, brown brotha.

      1. If he doesn’t what’s it to you?! As long as Jussie’s partner makes JUSSIE happy, NOT US! We aren’t fucking him. As long as that person makes the other person happy, who cares what their skin color is?
        And these people could give two fucks what we or anyone else thinks. If you have issue with who they’re dating…perhaps the problems and/or issues lies within you.

  2. He is a cutie but I’m not surprised lol. Frank has the snow queen look. I’m low key not mad he in a position to snag hot white boys and he going for it. I can never take them serious tho cuz white supremacy.

    1. Brent Christopher said, “you do see that the large majority of other commenters AGREE with my stance and perspective, right?…”

      No. It’s mostly opinions, you were triggered! Do me a favor: LOG OFF, GO OUTSIDE, GET SOME FRESH AIR, START A BUSINESS, SUCK A DICK! Damn! Oh and Erykah Badu has a message for you sis:

    1. NO… there is something psychologically wrong with an individual of any race who is only “happy” when they can associate with those outside of their immediate community or can only romantically link themselves with those outside of their immediate race. It’s not about being HAPPY. It is more so about adult people looking within themselves and questioning, “WHY IS IT THAT AT 20-SOMETHING, 30-SOMETHING, 40-SOMETHING, DO I ONLY SEEK ROMANTIC COMPANIONSHIP IN THOSE WHO LOOK LEAST LIKE ME”? There is something inherently wrong with men who do not see the physical beauty and romantic promise in building a life alongside those who most resemble the family & community of people from which they were born. GTFOH with that politically charming “as long as they’re happy” approach. It’s bullshit.

  3. A few months ago people claimed he was dating Ysham who is biracial.In 2012 people claimed he was dating Willy Cartier who is Asian, Senegalese and French.So I am curious how a guy who has rumored to be dating POC is a “snow queen” or has the definition of snow queen changed? In the 5 or 6 years he has been in the public eye we have never known for sure who he was dating.

    If he is dating this guy and he is happy ,Awesome 🙌

    As I have said before most black men gay and straight,celebs and non celebs are with black men or women.I don’t know why people focus on the exception rather than the rule.There are thousands and thousands of examples of black love including black gay love.I see them every day on social media.

    OWN has a show on right now call Black Love but some people rather whine about some straight black celeb dating a white woman then to watch all these black celebs loving black people SMH.I love black love so that’s what I focus on.Yet I celebrate romantic love in general whether it’s an interracial relationship or same sex relationship or interfaith relationship.

      1. THE PROBLEM is that because there are so FEW black male entertainers, athletes, actors, politicians, etc. in mainstream pop culture who are gay identifying, it truly does misrepresent our community as a whole, when the Michael Sam’s, Rupaul’s, Lee Daniels’, Frank Ocean’s, Don Lemon’s & Deray McKesson’s are ALL dating or married to white, light, foreign, mixed race men. THAT IS A PROBLEM! Unlike black heterosexual men who exist in drove numbers amongst the Hollywood elite, our community lacks a balanced spectrum of famous, black, same-gender-loving men who are regularly seen romantically with OTHER black, same-gender-loving men. It makes it LOOK as if gay black men as a whole are not loving, building and living romantically alongside our own.

      2. of course you don’t “see no lies here”. LOOK AT YOUR NAME! you’re probably one of the ones who fetishize “black male cock” & end up on the arm & in the bedrooms of these self-hating, black gay coons.

    1. when we say PERSON OF COLOR dear, we really mean BLACK or BROWN. “POC” is simply a contemporary, politically-correct term used now to “smooth things over”. the Asian, Senegalese, French, European, Latino mixed folks still all fall into OTHER when it comes to the racially ambiguous selections that black men make when identifying their romantic target. ANYONE non-black or physically presenting other than black or brown contributes to the snow kween effect. lets be CLEAR about that…

      “PERSON OF COLOR” does not include EVERYONE who is non-white/anglo-saxon & that is where you seem to be a bit confused.

      1. when these black gay men are showing up with brazilian, asian, italian, russian, half-this & half-that men, it sends the SAME message: “I do not find the beauty or honor in romantically linking myself with someone who looks like me or stems from the community from which I derived”. PERIOD. there is no middle translation.

  4. If people seem so upset about his dating choices, its because his preference falls in line with that typical black celebrity belief of ‘date anyone but your own.” Other races believe in preserving their culture but blacks have be taught to be for everyone except ourselves,interracial dating is encouraged, and that “love is blind.” Sad to say, but this standard is even held up within that black gay celebrity world. How many out, successful, black gay men can you name who are in relationships with other black gay men? NONE.


      We don’t have a LIST of famous, OUT, black gay men to counterbalance the snow kweens like Michael Sam, Rupaul, Lee Daniels, Frank Ocean, Don Lemon & Deray McKesson who solely and very specifically go after the non-black men. I am just waiting for JUSSIE SMOLLETT to disappoint me by showing up to his first, big red carpet event with some Dylan, Raul, Sergio or Duck-Hwan on his arm.

    2. I agree with this in general, but I couldn’t care less about Frank Ocean and who he’s dating.

      Listening to his music now that the hype is gone he’s overrated anyway.

  5. If he’s out with another guy who is unknown everybody thinks he’s dating them lol… I work in the industry and know one of his “exes” that was mentioned. And NO they didn’t date. They were friends. People still hang out guys

    1. well…why then does he rarely, if ever “hangout” with unknown BLACK MEN? you don’t find that to be a bit odd?

      1. Brent sis, is it that time of the month or? Because you are doing the utmost. I’ve never seen somebody in the foxhole community EVER to be so triggered over who somebody decides to stick their dick in. You act like Frank cheated on you LMAO RELAX, the world is still orbiting! We are alive.

        And he hung out with YSHAM Jackson. So stop, they’re in LA which is full of mixed crowds trying to get into hollywood. You’re so triggered it’s hilarious. Frank is lowkey so you barely know who he hangs out with. Calm down.

  6. I don’t know who is this Brent Christopher person is but seriously go get a fucking life. Damn, he is stalking this article like a hawk just waiting around for someone to comment and then attack them if they don’t care or is happy for Frank Ocean.

    I am going to take a good guess and say this Brent character is a Frank Ocean fanboy who is overly obsess with him and bitter because he knows he will never have a chance with him even if/he does date other black men.

    Brent, baby, listen, put the Popeye chicken and biscuit down. Get up from your fat ass and go for a run. And if it helps, just imagine the police officers shooting at you. Okay bye, bye.

    1. Chile, she got way too much emotional baggage. I mean that’s probably that dusty ashy ankh pro black marxist sjw kween doesn’t have a black man in her life. That’s why black men are quick to date outside of their race because of brent christopher’s belligerent tirade. Whether she is drunk or sober. *flicks fan*

    2. CHile she on her cycle. All this random erratic behavior is concerning. I think she’s having a breakdown. Sis need a straight jacket & some xanax pills. She clearly forgot to take her meds this morning & is having an episode

      1. Sis, mental illness in the black community is real and I think it’s time for an Iyanla Vanzant Fix My Life, Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew and Bishop T.D. Jakes type of help for Brent Christopher. I mean, I’m really am tired of that crazy nutcase talking! Just like Shannon Sharpe, just like anyone like him and others in the alt-left pro black sjw world.

  7. Instead of being upset with the dozen of “out” black gay male celebs you keep mentioning.Why not be upset with the hundreds of black gay male celebs who have black partners who are not “out”.There are black gay rappers,actors,athletes,singers who the gay community knows is LGBT who have black partners.

    Maybe these guys are “out” because their non Black partners encouraged and supported their decision to be out.Most of the men mentioned were dating non Black guys BEFORE they were famous.Michael Sam dated white guys in high school.Jason Collins dated white women in college.
    So it’s not like they became famous and start dating non Blacks.They shouldn’t start dating Black guys because you want to see an out Black gay couple.

  8. I need people (you know who you are) to note the obvious racism in their own arguments.

    Seriously, what you’re claiming is legit just a step below shouting for blood purity. It’s gross, it’s disgusting, and honest-to-God has no place in our present society.

    People can and should date whoever it is they wanna date. I don’t know or really care about what happens in Frank Oceans bedroom, but just generally speaking, race should not be a defining factor in relationships.

    When someone screams why doesn’t this black guy date another black guy, maybe the answer is simply that HE IS MORE THAN JUST HIS SKIN COLOR. People are nuanced, they have their own personalities and behaviours and strengths and for someone to stand on the outside, not even knowing him at all in order to shout down who he wants to hang out with, that speaks volumes of your own situation and honestly your own race-hating ways.

    People look for compatible partners, and they have a choice to find it wherever. Frank Ocean and a bunch of celebrities are more than just ‘black’ and all those nuances that comprise their being are what’s driving their partner-pursuit, NOT the fact that they’re black.

    Look at yourself as more than just a skin color for a moment. Take a step back and think of everything, EVERYTHING, that is you. Don’t you want to know someone who complements your soul, someone who truly is comprised of the elements you know can make you a better being?

    You let racism blind you. Seriously, there are far, far more pressing matters in the black community than just who another black man dates.

    And I need people to realize that if this whole argument was from the perspective of another race, how twisted and god-damn warped 1950’s mentality it would sound.

    That’s because it’s real RACIST to preach such things. Find a better soapbox, one that elevates the community, not set it back 60 years.

    1. AMEN! Brent Christopher wants to set everyone back so she can excel as the queen bee, but the gag is, she has no honey in her honey comb. Plus she’s a wasp.

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