Frank Ocean’s Alleged Boy Toy Is Pretty Like A Girl

so as you know,
or didn’t,
frank ocean released a song called “chanel”:

i can dig it.
well he mentioned in the song that “my guy is pretty like a girl”.
an f-bi sent me the alleged male that lyric might be about.
according to my f-bi:

“hey jamari, did u hear about dude frank ocean is *allegedly* boning? he was in franks magazine, is the profile pic of his “blonded radio” thing and someone saw them at a concert together a while ago…”

well i’m always down for a good brew.
everyone meet ysham

well if this is who frankie is allegedly laying the pipe on/in:

he is really cute.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: i don’t really listen to “blonde” as much anymore.
i dig “chanel” with the heaviest of keys.

Author: jamari fox

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29 thoughts on “Frank Ocean’s Alleged Boy Toy Is Pretty Like A Girl

  1. You know Frank is banging him silly! I would love to be a fly on the wall. And kudos to the alleged bf for not being a hyena and blabbing to the press. There must have been some extreme vetting on Frank’s part

    1. ^i can see frank banging him sill as well!
      the bf allegedly looks like he would worship a pipe.

      i also like when i hear stories of non-hyenas dating celebs.
      this is all font of keyboard instead of “i got pics and videos”.

      1. frank palming his ass says it all lmao. the one with “ysham” holding franks leg & the silhoutte…yeah…

        they aint fooling nobody. frank has a thing for models i guess lmao. ysham is friends w willy cartier too they have pics on IG together. mess!!! lmao

        1. ^damn im so humbled with all of these sites giving credit to the foxhole!!!

          Thank you all for the love you show me!!!
          i pray this can lead to the start of my career!!!

      2. I forgot to tell you I saw the story is a pretty much a white site.They cover a few black celebs but unlike MTO and LSA they are not geared toward the black community.

  2. Frank, if this is indeed your Boo, thank you for not falling in the Sunken Place and feeling you have to get someone who does not look like you to be validated in these streets. I wish you both a long and happy LOVE. #blacklovewins

    1. Exactly Tajan everything you wrote I agree with. I just wrote a few days ago that I love black love especially black gay love and want to see more of it. This guy is definitely a cutie they seem like they go great together.

    2. Ya’ll must have forgot because when Frank first came out, he strolling the street with some exotical LHLS. Willy something?

      1. Was his so called relationship with Willy Cartier actually confirmed because it just seems like they just took some pictures together and everyone just made up a story that they were dating.

        I never actually believed they were a couple unless Willy Cartier is bisexual because he’s currently in a relationship with a woman

      2. I don’t know if they were together (it looked like) but even if they were frank was still not in the sunken place cause willy cartier mother is black, ok half black (vietnamese Senegalese). So according to the way things work in the US willy cartier is black just like mariah carey is black.

  3. IDK if anyone here is familiar with a lady named Auntie Fee.She was a Youtube sensation who has been on TMZ,Steve Harvey, etc.She cooked and cursed😂while her son, Tavis filmed her.She had many famous fans including Snoop Dog.Well Auntie is related to Frank and she died last night days after suffering a heart attack.Frank’s mom posted on her IG,”our family needs strength right now.Prayers.

    Auntie Fee was only 59.Auntie Fee reminded me of my Aunt Liz, who was also a great cook and would curse “like a sailor”.My aunt died in 2014 and I would watch Auntie Fee’s videos and still feel connected because they were so similar.Both lived in South Central LA, single moms who raised their kids,grandkids, with lots of love and an iron fist.Condolences to Frank and his family.😢🙏

    1. Oh no, I was hoping she would pull through, I know reports of her death earlier in the week were premature and had everybody upset. It is so funny she crossed my mind a day or two before I heard the news, I was wondering why she hadnt updated her Youtube page, I am a subscriber and noticed that it was nothing new on there. It is so strange how sometimes, someone will be on my mind and they will call or I will bump into them out of the blue. I love Auntie Fee, she reminded me of so many Black women we have in our families, always talking noise, the life of the party, but you know she is the one everybody loves and depends on. RIP Auntie Fee you will be missed.

    1. Okay I just saw his IG. I know of this guy. I saw him a few days ago.. I never knew he was gay lol
      He’s currently in London

      1. Lol as of now these are just rumors.I have being reading about him on Frank Ocean fan pages.Not one person has stated they have even seen them on a date.As a matter of fact I have seen pics and a Twitter video of another guy that Frank took to Beyonce’s LA concert in October.

        All these pics of Frank and Ysham were taken for his Boys Don’t Cry magazine, most of the pics were taken in 2015.It’s possible he was just a model.I have seen straight models do intimate shots for a job.There is a video on Youtube of Broderick Hunter holding Jussie Smollett’s hand as if they were a couple.There were doing a modeling shoot for Bruce Weber.
        My point is this guy may just be a model Frank used for his project.We may never know.Lol😂

  4. I have more info on Ysham.He is 25 his birthday was in November.He is 6’2″, he is a former champion boxer.He is of mixed ancestry.His mom is white from Albania and his dad is Congolese.He was born in Meulan,France.
    I don’t know if he is dating Frank but like Willy Cartier, he is a model of mixed ancestry who speaks French.☺

      1. Oh Lord I was on so many pages this weekend I will have to try find the video.But Google”Frank Ocean Beyonce Concert Twitter” and click on first post.Frankoceanitaly twitter posted it.That’s the same guy who is in the video.

        @fan Post another comment confirming you see the pic

      2. Yes ty I saw it. Dude looks white sigh lol … Oh well. (not gonna lie always thought frank was more into yt bois) #sorrynotsorry I hope its ysham… How were they interacting in the vid? Did they look “together”?

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