I Saw “Christian Keyes” and Pressed Play

so i was watching a movie last night i’m still confused about.
“the man in 3b” on netflix.
it’s currently on pause because i fell asleep on it.
the only reason i watched is because i saw “christian keyes” in the title.
he is a vintage eye candy hood movie/stage play classic penis.
he didn’t disappoint…

that’s up to what i watched.
his bawdy is still the truth after all these years.
i stumbled upon this video on his youtube page.
christian is an author now.
he has a book out called “ladies night” and there is a trailer for it.
it co stars bre’ly evans from “man in 3b” as well…

…and how old is he again?
asking for a friend.

he is aging like fine wine.

lowkey: i heard he has a huge pipe and knows ( x how to use it ).
allegedly he uses it a lot.
i would love to ask him what his bawdy count is so far.
you know i’ll ask.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “I Saw “Christian Keyes” and Pressed Play”

  1. A good friend just told me a couple of days ago to check this movie out and it was going to be on my weekend play list, I guess I will move it up to the top of the line after this review LOL

  2. Yes he still has it, it’s always great to see the 40 and over crew folks still sexy and bringing it, it gives us hope lol. I remember I was probably like 11 or 12 when I seen him in the Tyler Perry play. When he had his shirt off I was glued to the screen then when my parents looked at me I looked away so quick lol.

  3. I always wanted him to blow up bigger but alas he’s still fine, that trailer was kinda lame but his sex appeal was the focus so it’ll do.

  4. Yeah I saw this movie, only cause the title is a reference to a show I used to watch and cause it stars laman rucker and brely evans. It was kind of blah. But I didn’t know that was in there (I watched it on TVOne). Anyway yeah he’s always kept himself up, even when he was on let’s stay together on BET and that other BET movie. Honestly, I feel like he’s always kept himself working and doing what he (hopefully) loves, just not in a major production since the Madea play.

      1. Lawd, I just watch it last night, and it was just the old TV show from the 80’s-227. It seemed to be made by a Tyler Perry intern being that it had many of the cast members from his productions. The acting was a Hot One, but never the less I watched until the end. It was one of those movies were you can tell they were short on budget but they had big ambitions. It almost seemed like a stage play that was made in movie form. I loved Jackee, she seemed to be channeling the late Pearl Shay for her performance and the short scene with Marla Gibbs was the highlight of the movie. I literally screamed out loud. I truly would say it is one of those movies that is so bad its good. 5 Hood Stars a must see with a group of friends and a lot of drinks.

        1. ^LMAO!!!!
          i got the “stage play” feel too!!!!!!!!

          they had marla gibbs in the cast,
          but she was in it for no more than two minutes.
          she randomly showed up with no mention to her character.

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