the things folks will say to get christian keyes in your bedroom

i understand you’re horny but let’s not go overboard with the disrespect.
so it’s no surprise that most of us are in folks dms.
we are shooting shots to see what we score.
some of the males that are in christian keyes dms are kinda disrespectful.
he went on “out loud with claudia jordan” on fox soul to address his homophobic backlash,
but shared what someone said in his dms that set him off

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christian keyes wants you to live your truth and stop sending him nudes

so as you know,
i post wolves ( x on the ig foxhole ) from time to time.
i’m alarmed by the unsolicited dick pics i get.
no “hey, how ya doing?” first.
it’s either a dick pic or someone jackin off.
i guess some of these folks think i’m the wolf that’s posted.
one day,
i got a least 10 random dick and cheeks shots.
i can only imagine what it looks like in the dms of the males i post dms.
christian keyes decided to address that very issue this morning.
this is what he posted
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Another Celeb Blocks The Foxhole (Le Sigh?)

so i was on twitter today and a commercial on bet strolled down my tl.
it was for a show called “in contempt”.
it looked interested and then i saw that christian keyes was in the show.
i have followed christian since i saw him in a tyler perry play.
i mean,
wolf is fine.
you’d be lying if he wasn’t.

i don’t think i’ve ever said anything bad about him,
but i was gonna tweet:

“it’s so good to see @christiankeyes with longevity in this fickle industry.”

something along those lines.
well his twitter kept not coming up when i tried to “@” him.
when i go to his twitter,

i see this…
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Christian Keyes Has A Lethal Mouth

i didn’t know christian keyes had it in me.
i mean,
had it in him.
so steve harvey is getting a little cocky,

isn’t he?
he caused some serious controversy a while back with the kind folks over at flint, michigan.
as you know they are having a serious water crisis.
well if you didn’t know,
steve told a caller on his radio show:

…and i had to hold on my own hair with the dragging he got.
well christian keyes thinks he should apologize for his tasteless joke.
this is what christian said via the jasmine brand
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I Saw “Christian Keyes” and Pressed Play

so i was watching a movie last night i’m still confused about.
“the man in 3b” on netflix.
it’s currently on pause because i fell asleep on it.
the only reason i watched is because i saw “christian keyes” in the title.
he is a vintage eye candy hood movie/stage play classic penis.
he didn’t disappoint…
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Tamar’s Love Interest Has A Sex Scene

so i did snooping:

his name is gichi gamba.
he was the wolf silhouette in tamar’s new video:


 a reader said he had some a hot “no peen” scene in zane’s sex chronicles.

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