i think christian keyes should have said the name tbh

so i don’t know the situation with christian keyes in the background.
the following is merely my thoughts.
i will share this as i see many opinions in The Foxhole and online:

I think he should have said the name.

he got everyone online playing “guess that predator“.
in my opinion,
this “hidey ho/peek a boo” shit doesn’t help him at all.
i’ll font you why real quick…

ya know,
I don’t want to say who it is but I’m gonna play guessing games…”
– him

next week,

or next month,
it will be revealed eventually.
these are serious allegations that he made not private anymore.
this isn’t like cassie who worked with lawyers on the low.
cassie said who did what in her complaint.

Christian went on IG live with a bombshell.
His intentions were to expose someone(s) who has been a demon to him bts.

christian is a public figure too.
if he was worried about the reaction and who will/won’t believe him,
he shouldn’t have pressed “go live” on instagram.
so there is no sense in being vague because lawyers were mentioned.
he told folks who it was “in case something happens to him“.
so if something does happens to him,
the person will be revealed then so there is no point in being vague.

Christian went kinda hard but then went home.

if we are going to accuse someone of violating us,
and we go on a live social media platform to spil all,
we are past being vague at that point.

God forbid it’s not the person everyone is suspecting it is.
not only that:

It helps others who are victims start to corroborate the story.
So at that point,
you are fully protected since others should start speaking up too.

if other victims see movement,
it’ll give them to confidence to come forward as well.
look at how many are speaking up against diddy now?

We can’t expect to open up a can of worms but try to keep them from coming out the jar too.

it doesn’t work like that.

3 thoughts on “i think christian keyes should have said the name tbh

  1. Maybe he do not want to release the name because the person might have something over him. The person might have something about him and having it over his head. I think he should speak the persons name but at the same time release of skeletons in the closet because it seems like you don’t want to say anything

    1. ^ allegedly,
      all these powerful jackals wanted them some christian keyes.
      there is a lesson in here somewhere for all of us who desired to be wanted by everyone.
      this is the dark side.

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