Another Celeb Blocks The Foxhole (Le Sigh?)

so i was on twitter today and a commercial on bet strolled down my tl.
it was for a show called “in contempt”.
it looked interested and then i saw that christian keyes was in the show.
i have followed christian since i saw him in a tyler perry play.
i mean,
wolf is fine.
you’d be lying if he wasn’t.

i don’t think i’ve ever said anything bad about him,
but i was gonna tweet:

“it’s so good to see @christiankeyes with longevity in this fickle industry.”

something along those lines.
well his twitter kept not coming up when i tried to “@” him.
when i go to his twitter,

i see this…


WTF did i do to him?

i still wish him well tho.
i might check out the show.
God has been worked on me.
he won’t be on here again,
but he made for some good entries in foxhole past.

lowkey: the foxhole can be so polarizing.
either it’s loved or hated.

21 thoughts on “Another Celeb Blocks The Foxhole (Le Sigh?)

  1. Christian is very insecure. I read an epic thread on another site about him being a thot and downlo gay w/receipts. He made an account there just to defend himself in spite of the receipts. Something is fishy for him to be 40+ and still single. His ex Denyce found love… why hasn’t he? He must have Hill Harper-itis.

    1. I showed a friend this post and they said they know his face but never knew him as anything other than the guy with the cross on his chest from Madea Goes To Jail.. He’s Definitely not a celebrity lol

  2. @Jamari.. allot of the Z list minus celebs like him do that shit to make themselves feel important. I remember one time trying to speak to Laz Alonzo about something. About a tv show or movie he was in, nothing serious. And he tried to get an attitude. And so, I just cussed his ass out. Im like dude, nobody gives a fuck about you really. Hell, I just wanted to know some trivia about a character you played. I dont care beyond that.

  3. At 42 his mouth is stating to turn down in the corners, He is not a happy man. Maybe the word “longevity” Tripped him up. Otherwise I don’t get the problem with what you wrote.

  4. What in the Tyler Perry Chitlin Circuit Hell is this about?? I mean really, who knows this joke outside of BET Black Star Power Reruns and Tyler Perry productions. I guess I would not expect anything less from someone who is BFF with Jackie Christie crazy ass. Oh well no use worrying about a Washed Up Act, these entertainment industry people are so full of themselves

      1. I wouldn’t say asshole, but definitely has an unfriendly/off-putting persona about him, which is a bit much for a BET contract player.

    1. @ Kamir X… probably just thinks that everybody wants him. He seems like he would be the type. lol

  5. Here is what I have yet to understand about these folks who do this: Every other gay blog that posts about them almost ALWAYS objectifies them as dream meat they would love to ride, swallow, and beat the backside silly… This blog posts something respectful, tasteful.. and they get mad and block you. I’m confused. Do they want you to talk about them in a sexual manner like everybody else does? Do they want to only be known for their sex appeal? I need answers because this is strange to me

    Anywho, while Christian Keyes is “cute”… he has never been the breakout star, leading man, or anything other than supporting actor so… we aren’t too moved by this one… carry on lol

    1. ^it baffles me too d.
      it’s usually the z list who block and disappear from my (and everyone’s) radar.
      it’s like the attentionistos who use to get mad and now they are all washed up.

      1. @Jamari. isnt he gay? I think there was a rumor several years back about how he and some dude was suppose to do like a hosting and Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s mom) had to stand btw them bc they couldnt keep their hands off each other. I swear it was him….

      2. @SlayingDumbBiatches That was Keston Karter (attentionisto with the eyebrows that look like: ^ ^) and Terrell Carter who played Warren on Empire this season.

  6. Wow. Jamari call me crazy, but he ain’t all that. Yeah he is okay to look at, but to me that wolf with the beard looks way better.

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