A Demon Was Trying To Get Eve Out Here

i love me some eve.
i have supported her career since the start.
watched the tv show and bought the music.

sidebar: i remember i met up with some wolf,
 years ago in the summer,
at downtown; les.
we were at a bar he managed,
just talking,
and this pretty vixen walks past with a friend.
he goes “yo you peep eve?”.
when i look,
she was standing waiting to cross the street.
i saw her briefly,
but she is so pretty in person.
i wanted to go up to her,
but i like to give celebs space and not be “that person”.

eve shared a story on her show,
“the talk”,
about how she was drugged at an industry party.
this is what she had to say

i am so glad she was okay.
i love how janet came in to rescue her.
you need folks like that who will protect you when you’re in danger.
my parents always warned me about putting my drink down.
if i put my drink down,
best believe,
i’m getting a whole new drink.
if i don’t see you make my drink in front of me,
i won’t be drinking it either.
she legit scared me at a young age about that.
be careful out here foxhole.
many do not have your best interest at heart.
even friends can set you up.
be vigilant.

lowkey: i hope i have friends that,
in case i was drugged,
they would make sure i get home/hotel/uber/rocketship safely.

4 thoughts on “A Demon Was Trying To Get Eve Out Here

  1. This is so scary! Highkey I also hope I have friends that would look out for me and make sure I was good! How are all these people around and only one person steps up to help her -_-

  2. Damn that’s really fucked up.This reminds me of when I was in n.o. and i got a water I picked my drink up and it was literally alcohol and etc. I felt funny later thankfully my friends was there and we made sure to go together and leave together.

    1. Glad you guys left together. Some people will leave you on your own, and later on if something bad were to happen god forbid, they would be apologizing about leaving you alone. Whatever.

  3. This made me love Janet even more, but this is scary and it happens a lot. I remember my parents telling me the same thing about not putting my drink down when I went out. Also let me go as far and write, you’ll cannot be eating everyone’s food either. My neighbors are nice, we’re cordial we have a hello how are you doing type of relationship. I was a little shock when the wife gave me a nice chunk of cake and insisted that I take it. I said “thanks” and threw it right in my dumpster an hour later. It was nice and most likely very innocent on their part, just making a cake and thinking of me since they seen me, but I just don’t take the chance. Also be careful eating potluck at work too you’ll.

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