…and this is julie chen moonves, signing off

i often wonder to myself,
that if i was discreetly with a (baller) wolf,
and he was in a major scandal

Would I leave?
Or would I stay with him?

well julie chen,
as she proudly adds “moonves”:

…something she has never said before,
is clearly standing with her husband,
les moonves.
he had to step down from ceo of cbs due to the alleged allegations.
it was about 12 vixens who allegedly had a story.
it’s been reported he allegedly tried to ruin janet jackson.
that don’t matter one bit.
she staying!
well she stepped down from her position at “the talk” today.
this is what mrs. chen moonves said in her recorded statement
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A Demon Was Trying To Get Eve Out Here

i love me some eve.
i have supported her career since the start.
watched the tv show and bought the music.

sidebar: i remember i met up with some wolf,
 years ago in the summer,
at downtown; les.
we were at a bar he managed,
just talking,
and this pretty vixen walks past with a friend.
he goes “yo you peep eve?”.
when i look,
she was standing waiting to cross the street.
i saw her briefly,
but she is so pretty in person.
i wanted to go up to her,
but i like to give celebs space and not be “that person”.

eve shared a story on her show,
“the talk”,
about how she was drugged at an industry party.
this is what she had to say
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