…and this is julie chen moonves, signing off

i often wonder to myself,
that if i was discreetly with a (baller) wolf,
and he was in a major scandal

Would I leave?
Or would I stay with him?

well julie chen,
as she proudly adds “moonves”:

…something she has never said before,
is clearly standing with her husband,
les moonves.
he had to step down from ceo of cbs due to the alleged allegations.
it was about 12 vixens who allegedly had a story.
it’s been reported he allegedly tried to ruin janet jackson.
that don’t matter one bit.
she staying!
well she stepped down from her position at “the talk” today.
this is what mrs. chen moonves said in her recorded statement

she couldn’t do it in person.
he lost his job and she ended up losing hers.
wait tho…
didn’t she get with les while he was allegedly married?
this all seems like a healthy dose of karma on all ends.
this was probably the right decision tho.
julie could never show her face on that stage again.
everything she said would be used against her.
they couldn’t ignore stories about her husband either.

i like to think i’m loyal,
but if the wolf i’m with was out here looking crazy,
best believe i’m leaving his tail.
this is if all the allegations come back as his fault.
he should know how to carry yourself.
if he’s out here acting wild and gets caught up,
i’d be on that “i don’t know him” life.
i’m not fuckin’ with anyone who is a liability.
i respect “me” too much to lose my dignity over some dick.
if he’s doing wrong and hurting others,
how can i still love him?
i hope it’s worth it julie chen moonves.

lowkey: how many vixens tried to stand by their men,
especially in major scandals,
and it never worked?

7 thoughts on “…and this is julie chen moonves, signing off

  1. Let her ass see the damn door!!!!!!! Even without the allegations, Mr. Moonves is worth 600 million. They can take it to the house…

  2. Of course she supporting him he getting a fat severance on top of his already immense wealth, Julie said I’m going where the bag goes. When you put money up against morals, guess which one wins?

  3. Once an Asian woman latches onto a wealthy white man they will never leave no matter what the man does. She wouldn’t even have a career if it wasn’t for him, and not mention he’s still worth millions of dollars, so she definitely ain’t going nowhere

    1. First of all she was a successful news anchor before she even met him so to say you owes her career to his is not only ignorant it diminishes her own accomplishments that she achieved before you even met him. Secondly it’s not her fault for the actions of her husband which occurred when she was a damn teenager and didn’t even know who he is.

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