jean wyllys left because they’re huntin gays over in brazil (run)

i heard gay males over here use to love going to brazil for their meat.
not the food,
but the fine brazilian males that live in those parts.
all that has changed and many gays are in fear of their lives.
an openly gay congressman,
jean wyllys,
has left the country because of all the rampant homophobia.
a foxholer sent me this from “npr”
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…and this is julie chen moonves, signing off

i often wonder to myself,
that if i was discreetly with a (baller) wolf,
and he was in a major scandal

Would I leave?
Or would I stay with him?

well julie chen,
as she proudly adds “moonves”:

…something she has never said before,
is clearly standing with her husband,
les moonves.
he had to step down from ceo of cbs due to the alleged allegations.
it was about 12 vixens who allegedly had a story.
it’s been reported he allegedly tried to ruin janet jackson.
that don’t matter one bit.
she staying!
well she stepped down from her position at “the talk” today.
this is what mrs. chen moonves said in her recorded statement
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Jeremy Meeks Is Probably In 4 Billion Dollar Pussy At The Moment

i was waiting for this scandal.
i knew it would be cumming sooner or later.
the snow bunny probably doing it on a yacht as you read.
so the internet made jeremy meeks famous.
his mugshot got him a good career as a full time model.
well with this new found fame also came new found pussy.
he has allegedly decided to leave his wife to reap the benefits.
this is what the daily mail had to say…
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It’s A Good Year For Wolves To Walk Out Your Life!

2017 has truly been the year of wake up calls.
it has also been the year of unexpected goodbyes as well.
it really has been exposing who is really in your corner.
i thought i had good straight wolves as friends,
but i see just how i meant nothing to some of them…
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Someone Has Bailed From Auntie Viv’s “Black Magic”

this show is already getting messy.
so auntie viv didn’t know what she was getting herself into.
well it may have been her foot.
  jean-claude lamarre,
who happens to be gay and her business partner,
has left her.
i guess they weren’t on the same page with the “no gays allowed” thing.
this is what tmz has to say…
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So It’s “Fourth Harmony” Now?

…and i voted for them when they were on x factor too.
shame that fifth harmony is a quartet now.
camilla left,
but even tho i don’t really see “solo star” for her.
now i’d like to normani go solo.

she seems to be the fan favorite.
too bad basic is “in” or we’d get some black girl solo magic.
i know her debut album would be a good one.
i wish camilla well tho.

lowkey: i hope camilla knows she has to bring it.