you got eve or trina tonight on #verzuz ?

i won’t lie to you but i always a big fan of eve.
i had all her albums and loved all the remixes she was featured on.


my favorite will always be her sophomore,
i saw her in public one time on random and was so nervous to approach.

i liked trina,
but her albums were usually a big hit or miss for me.
i could only get into her first album,
da baddest bitch“,
and “still the baddest“,
which was also star fox’s favorite.

lowkey: star fox LOVED ( x this mixtape ) trina was on.
he would play this shit out.
i love “i’m da shit freestyle” on that mixtape.

she was ratchet before it went mainstream with the likes of megan the stallion and city girls.

tonight i’m fuckin’ excited cause they about to do battle in #verzuz

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A Demon Was Trying To Get Eve Out Here

i love me some eve.
i have supported her career since the start.
watched the tv show and bought the music.

sidebar: i remember i met up with some wolf,
 years ago in the summer,
at downtown; les.
we were at a bar he managed,
just talking,
and this pretty vixen walks past with a friend.
he goes “yo you peep eve?”.
when i look,
she was standing waiting to cross the street.
i saw her briefly,
but she is so pretty in person.
i wanted to go up to her,
but i like to give celebs space and not be “that person”.

eve shared a story on her show,
“the talk”,
about how she was drugged at an industry party.
this is what she had to say
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Gon’ Get Chu That Snow Wolf (Go On, Go On)

Eve_Maximillion_Gumballin a surprise twist i did not see coming,
eve married her long time snow wolf,
maximillion cooper today in ibiza.
i knew they were engaged,
but there was no date set.
bun b spilled the beans on instagram…
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I Will Date My White Wolf And Black Folks Will Get The Fuck Over It

i love eve.
she has come a long way since philly.
ive also met her and she is really cool people.
her new album lip lock is not bad.
where is the promo for this album eve?
people have been getting on eve for dating her snow wolf,
maximillion cooper.
black men especially.
this is what she told the grio:

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