Gon’ Get Chu That Snow Wolf (Go On, Go On)

Eve_Maximillion_Gumballin a surprise twist i did not see coming,
eve married her long time snow wolf,
maximillion cooper today in ibiza.
i knew they were engaged,
but there was no date set.
bun b spilled the beans on instagram…

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 3.39.31 PMwell congrats eve.
picard_clappingshe did good.
he is an entrepreneur worth 50 mill.
well done.
i do wonder something tho…
has anyone noticed no one bothers black vixens when they get with snow wolves?
its “cute” or “get that money girl”.
hell even in the “other” side of the forest as well.
you know where?
down by the river where all the fish are pretty and plentiful.
poussey from “orange is the new black” is allegedly with:

her name is lauren morelli.
she is one of the writers on the show.
no one says anything.
hell i heard tina turner said “fuck these niggas pineapples” and moved out the country.
when black wolves (gay or straight) run off with someone of another race,
preferably white,
suddenly the words like:

becky lover
house negro
sell out black bastard bitch

get thrown around.
is it a double standard?
can black men just not win?
i know its hard to be black women in this world,
but i had to wonder…

Will black men always lose when it comes to interracial dating?

18 thoughts on “Gon’ Get Chu That Snow Wolf (Go On, Go On)

  1. Eve had a sex tape with Stevie J. She gets a lifetime pass to date whatever race she wants, because he clearly ruined it for the Black guys.

    I bet Max treats her like a queen, so I ain’t mad.

  2. I think it seems like a double standard but it really isn’t if you were to carefully look and assess it from all parameters. Fact black men who are disproportionately less in ratio numbers compared to black women date out at a rate 70% higher than they do. I think that might be changing now though as most black women are dating out more being that black men,, their first choice see them as an option, and one that is the lesser on the scale of options of which they vociferously and vehemently let this be known based on their actions. They also tend to debase black women as to reasons behind why they choose a partner of another race in the most public and disrespectful manner which is a valid reason as to why those black women have perks about their unions most of the times. Also most white and Latino men as well as Asians stick to their own race of women, so when black men are abandoning and denouncing black women, more than likely her options are going to be limited. Then they are faced with a dilemma of only being devoted to black men or take their chances of interracial dating? Most black men are happy to see black women date out because they don’t value them or care for them for the most part to begin with and that she getting anybody is a victory for him and his non black gf, one less black female to be hating on them. Black women on the other hand is the stark opposite as I think most see and value black men’s looks, and aesthetics more so than any other race as you rarely ever here them compare a black man’s features to that of another. In fact I think black men are more up in arms about non black women who dated them once upon a time returning back home in dating their own race of men because it discredits the notion of once you go black you never go back which is so sad. Most black women see a it as a victory when a fellow sista is dating or married to another race because it goes against the grain that they are undesirable not only by black men but other men as well,primarily based on looks alone :(. It gives them hope that they might have a fair chance as well since one of their counterparts can do it, if ever there was any doubts or despair it is slowly dissipating away. In contrast when it comes to black men they rightfully or wrongly nit pick their unions based on the belief that they are with that non black female because of insipid, disparaging, disingenuous and societal reasoning and influences at their expense. Black women rarely if ever down play black men for being with a white man but the same cannot be said about black men. Those are some intricate reasons behind why black women react differently when it comes to both sides of the interracial dating spectrums and view it as a slap in their face.

  3. I’m going to be honest I could care less about whose fucking whom. I will be single the rest of my life as I refuse to get with a wolf whom is looking at me as his chew toy, while he plotting to get something else all along. I love to see people meeting and fall in love. However, I don’t like being deceived. My fellow black men and women if you like another race and see them as your potential life partner, then please stay away from us good ones, as you willingly seek to ruin relationships with us purposely anyway. Love your site Jamari.

  4. It seems like the darker skin tone black man can never win. I have never seen a mixed or lighter skin tone guy get hate for interracial love straight or gay.

  5. Speaking of celebrity children coming out, I recently saw R.Kelly’s daughter/son came out as transgender. I’m sorry but I don’t know the correct trans terms but it(he or she) is a boy right now and they refer to him as he so I’m assuming she was a girl first. Don’t jump on me y’all. The B annoys me but the T confuses me.

    1. Yea I was confused too because at first I thought R Kelly was gaining a daughter, but it turns out she is becoming a he. I am telling you transgender people confuse me sometime.

  6. Yea you’re right, Jamari. Black men always get picked on especially if they date someone white. Now I am waiting for the people to say something about Faith Evan’s oldest son who supposedly came out and posted a picture of him and his boyfriend who seem either Mexican or white.

  7. Unforunately, we will. Society is too caught up in what an “ideal” relationship should look like. That old mentality baffles me. People should be able to love, whomever they love, without all the hostility.

  8. I don’t know I don’t think black man always lose when it comes to interracial dating I think love is love first most. I also think it’s seen as less harmless for black women because black women aren’t seeing as the object of desire in the media or most these days it seems like. They are always being compared to another race as far as looks are concerned black men not so much.

    1. ^hmmmm mikey.
      you onto something…
      i love sistas,
      ya’ll know i do,
      but i feel they are their own worst enemies.
      the shit they pick apart and throw stones at is usually irrelevant shit.
      just my opinion as a black man.

  9. I hope that first sentence was sarcasm. Stevie Wonder could see that coming.

    I didn’t know the bald headed black chick from that show was a lesbian. My bad for trying not to stereotype women with short or no hair.

    To answer your question, yes Black men will continue to lose. I would go into it more but I don’t feel like defending myself afterward. Just know if another fellow foxy says they aren’t, I’ll be doing your infamous Britney gif blinks & face.

    *Sits back and waits for Y Collette*

    1. ^uh uh zen!
      be honest!
      there is no judgment here!
      debate is always good and there is usually no name calling.
      i actually find the contradictions between black men and women interesting.

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