Michael Sam Is Not Potentially OUT Anymore

moneyinthebankso it looks like michael sam is not out.
he is actually “IN”.
he officially signed to the st. louis rams.
four year contract.
 2.65 million dollars.
46,000 guaranteed.
not bad.
that can pay for monthly:
costume changes

tumblr_n6bynh1nTF1qzi80do1_500 tumblr_n6bynh1nTF1qzi80do2_r1_500oh not for mikey.
oh no.
the real come up goes to the snow fox.
now is there a bergdorfs or barneys in st louie?
the hubz can now afford the upkeep.

thanks to the vix-bi who sent me trhe update.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Michael Sam Is Not Potentially OUT Anymore”

  1. He still can get cut after preseason if he doesn’t perform well. That contract doesn’t mean much at the moment. If he doesn’t make the team he gets 46k, and if he does he gets the 2.6 mil over the four year period. They have to pay him for preseason, workouts etc. He’ll know by late August whether he has officially made the team or not.

  2. The 2.6 is not guaranteed if he is cut before the final roster moves on 31aug. He will get his weekly pay for preseason but if cut his only guarantee is/was the 46,000 check given to him when he signs. Unfortunately sources say he was more concerned with media interviews so we will see when the training camp starts. I do hope he makes the team!

    Now question for your readers ….. which quarterback was almost outed a couple of months ago but an iron clad agreement keep her mouth closed?

    1. Colin Kapernick? I’ve heard so mach nasty shit about him. I will never see him the same again, sadly.

      However, the dude is bad. He’s a hoe I’d smash. I’d nut in his mouth and everything, and then strap up and get that ass. Feel me? Hole prolly loose af tho. SMH.

  3. Y’all are forgetting one primary benefit of a snow fox. They ain’t all broke!! We jump to the conclusion that Sam is the richest member of the pair.

    1. It doesn’t matter who has money in my opinion. Gay men cannot reproduce, so no one can really cash in so to speak. In straight relationships, a woman gets with a rich man mostly for the money in hopes of getting pregnant, so that she can get a big check for eighteen years. Gay men cannot get that. If the relationship doesn’t last, the money is gone for the one who is less financially stable. That is why I don’t see what the big deal is.

      1. Plenty of men enter relationships to enjoy the economic privileges that accompany the relationship while it lasts. While dudes don’t have the option of 18 years of court-sanctioned extortion, there are still many who jump at the chance to fly first class and shop on 5th ave even for a little while. The rapidly evolving definition of marriage also makes alimony a distinct possibility. Women aren’t the only ones carrying a gold mine in their jeans.

        My original point was that we may have the financial arrangement backward in this case. Vito is the grandson and nephew of mafia bosses whose father did time for money laundering. Mike Sam’s short and probably undistinguished career getting concussions for a living won’t net him nearly what Vito was born with.

        1. ^lets also remember the power of stacking bread.
          we may not have the 18 year option,
          but we do have the option of stacking OR having the assistance to open up a business.
          remember terry mccillian fox who was dickin her down to get that dog grooming business?
          sometimes these wolves don’t even pay their child support as well.
          i know plenty of vixens who not getting child support checks from their baby “faavahs”.

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