detach from the outcome and live your best unbothered life

i learned a valuable lesson yesterday i wanted to share with the foxhole.
i think subconsciously i already knew this,
but i needed to catch up consciously.

The wonderfully relaxed state of being UNBOTHERED

when i heard trump didn’t sign the stimmy or didn’t extend unemployment,
i started to feel trapped in a cage.
during the day on saturday,
that was probably when i felt it worst.
i kept checking news reports constantly,
reading the same updates,
taking in other people’s trauma,
and giving myself immense self-torture.
by saturday night

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We Will Be Seeing More of Trevante Rhodes In His CK Undies Soon

so fun fact.
4 actors who were in moonlight donned calvin klein last night at the oscars.

trevante rhodes
naomie harris
alex hibbert
aston sanders

another fun fact.
take out naomie and add:

mahershala ali

…as the 4 actor wolves who got signed to be ’17 calvin klein models.
a vix-bi directed me to all the shots from the upcoming ads via facebook
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Michael Sam Is Not Potentially OUT Anymore

moneyinthebankso it looks like michael sam is not out.
he is actually “IN”.
he officially signed to the st. louis rams.
four year contract.
 2.65 million dollars.
46,000 guaranteed.
not bad.
that can pay for monthly:
costume changes

tumblr_n6bynh1nTF1qzi80do1_500 tumblr_n6bynh1nTF1qzi80do2_r1_500oh not for mikey.
oh no.
the real come up goes to the snow fox.
now is there a bergdorfs or barneys in st louie?
the hubz can now afford the upkeep.

thanks to the vix-bi who sent me trhe update.

Braylon Edward And His Big Butt Land On….

… the wetness of seattle washington!
he is now signed to the seahawks!!!

…but I didn’t know he was friends with a famous soap actor?…

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