Braylon Edward And His Big Butt Land On….

… the wetness of seattle washington!
he is now signed to the seahawks!!!

…but I didn’t know he was friends with a famous soap actor?…

very interesting.

but congrats nonetheless bray bray.

btw, you know how to party.
when are you going to invite a fox out and about?
do i have to beg for an invite?
i could do with the vacation…

you should take me on a tour of a your (click here to see)….

juss kiddin (i think).
i’m so bad.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Braylon Edward And His Big Butt Land On….”

  1. Congrats to Braylon.

    S/N: Is that Shemar Moore? Mmmmmm I got so much love for that man. When I watch Criminal Minds I grin when I see him. That man looks damn good for his age. I want his a****** around my d*** ASAP.

  2. There is a E.Lynn Harris book in these pictures somewhere, God rest his soul, but Congrats none the less to Braylon. This is one good looking dude, and he seems to get better looking with age.

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