“Your Work Is Brilliant But You Are Gay As Shit.”

spoken by a true lady.

tyler perry bugs me.
i appreciate his bringing work to blacks and blah blah blah…
but he gets on my nerves.
something about him is starting not to seem genuine.
believe me when i say,
he is more smokes and mirrors.

i got an interesting email from a wolf about this story below.
it was pretty deep and i felt it needed to be shared.
scared me a little bit with a thought i was having too…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vzhkc0PViAA]

funky dineva wrote…

“Words Never Spoken” details his journey as a songwriter, entrepreneur, playwright and self-discovery as a gay Black man living in Atlanta.

In it, Stewart writes candidly about his private conversations with media mogul Tyler Perry, and why Perry dubbed Stewart’s work brilliant, but opted not to help him. Stewart also pulls us through the rise and fall of his musical relationship with Grammy award-winning recording artist Brandy Norwood.

Stewart’s story is as clean and crisp as the early works of the late E. Lynn Harris, but destined for a lane of its own because of its nuanced richness. “Words Never Spoken” reads like a diary that was never intended for the eyes of anyone other than its author. Stewart opens up about his struggles with love, friendships and a two-year bout with depression that led to an internet sex addiction.

Buy the book on Amazon or on eBooks,
Amazon.com: Words Never Spoken: A Memoir By Craig Stewart (9780615645391): Mr. Craig Stewart: Books

Twitter: @wordsneverspokn @therealcstewart
Facebook: facebook.com/wordsneverspokenbyCr aigStewart

very deep.
i always find these stories so crazy because the industry is run by gays.
a lot of gay men are in powerful positions.
i always found it odd them not helping each other out.
but, i will have to check his book out.
sounds very interesting.

lowkey: i always wondered if i would ever be taken seriously with my work.
sure, i have receipts from people that take me serious with emails.
sure, there is no doubt that my work is gay friendly.
sure, i bring other versatile stories.
but, what about my peers and companies?
but, you know the world we live in.
will someone invest in me?

that is what scares me.

funny how i was thinking about that,
after that entry i just wrote below,
and i get this in an email about this book and read how this writer was not taken seriously.

i dunno if it is fear, doubt, or maybe a reality check.
i dunno.
i do know that i won’t give up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on ““Your Work Is Brilliant But You Are Gay As Shit.””

  1. First thought: Thugzilla has a memoir?

    Second thought: You couldn’t find another gay/bi dude at HU of all of places? The fuck?

    Third thought: Isn’t touching without tipping, fondling the merchandise?

    Final thought: I wish more men would get over their paranoia and insecurities about homosexuality sooner rather than later.

  2. I loved it. I don’t think I can live in Atl though. The HIV stats are really real down there. Almost no one believes in safe sex

  3. Well damn he got to finger a dancer’s ass and didn’t tip?

    I would invedt in Jamari if I could. I try to help the best I can..’

    I want this book…

  4. Wow, I felt like this dude was reading my life story in some ways, you never know at the time when you are going through things in this life, that someone somewhere is experiencing the same type of feelings and situations. I love books that make me look at the world different and inspire me to be a better me, and this seems to be just that book. I am getting my copy, very smart marketing on his part, seems like its going to be a good read.

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