depression and food took mandisa’s life

a breakup
a job loss

the death of someone close to us
setbacks that make us question our path
being ostracized from people we thought were our friends/family
struggling to accept not being straight

being violated and no one wants to listen or believe you/sides with the abuser

all these unwelcome guests can open the door to depression.
one moment…

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i think i’ve found a great way to describe depression

it’s hard to describe what depression feels like.
what being in a dark place feels like for myself and many of us.
i’ve tried to put it into words and i just come up with “extreme sadness“.
for those on the outside,
their advice is:

“You’ll be fine after you take a walk or put a penis in your mouth.”

…because walking and sex are the cure for everything.
there are many power walkers and human sex toys that are still depressed.
depression is similar to having a monster in your brain.
it takes control of every negative emotion within your body.
the monster’s sole purpose is to turn your entire world upside down.
it knows we are too weak to fight it so…

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i just want someone to rub on my booty and tell me everything will be ok

this week feels like i’m running on empty.
i should be thrilled because my birthday is this weekend,
but i don’t even care.
i do,
but then i don’t.
besides living to see another year

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file a missing person’s report for karaoke

karaoke has been missing since 2 months ago.
she just vanished,
something in my spirit told me to leave her be.
we didn’t have an argument or anything,
but we were supposed to record a podcast and she never responded.
she finally hit me up and admitted to me…

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help me please

just now,
i was talking on FT to one of my ex-coworkers.
i haven’t seen her in a while.
due to the circumstances of the rona,
she looked really good.
so i said to her…
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f0xmail: did i miss the boat on finding love in the life?


Hey, Jamari

I first want to start off by thanking you for this site!! Ever since I was 19 this has really been one of my favorite places to visit on the internet, you’re kind of like my big brother Fox in my head lol.
Okay, so here’s my issue, I’m now 25 (soon to be 26) and feel as if I have let my life pass me by. I’m a Discreet (more so DL) Fox that is originally from the Concrete Forest. After battling a crippling depression spiral for the past seven years that basically made my life revolve around going to work and going home, not really doing much besides hanging out with a few vixens that happen to be like family to me. I recently moved to the Southern Forest with this idea in my head that I was going to start building my life to take back what I didn’t get to have in my youth. But now that I’m here in this new forest I am realizing that I have no idea what I’m doing!! Part of the issue is that the career I’m pursuing in entertainment is finally making some headway and I don’t feel comfortable putting up pics on apps and the many wolves that I do catch staring, I always think that they may be out and so I talk myself out of risking it. On top of all that I have been saving my “first time” for that special wolf. & As I’m sure you can imagine this has led to me not having many intimate experiences (Kind of Embarrassing lol)…

What I really want to know is…

Is it still possible to meet a wolf in real life, without apps and online dating? Did I miss my window in my younger days to find puppy love with my Wolf in Shining Fur and instead should I just focus on having a good time for the rest of my 20’s? & If I do meet him will my lack of experience scare him off?


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