Raven-Symoné Ain’t Black or Gay (Or Human?)

rs_634x1024-130903075655-634.AzMarieLivingston.RavenSymone.jc^that is raven-symoné and her girlfriend,
azmarie livingston.
( x az ) is hot.
great job raven!
nice piece!
thats a quick side bar.
so as you know,
or maybe don’t,
but raven had an interview with oprah that has everyone real vex.
she said some things that aren’t really sitting well with people.
black people.
this is what she had to say…
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You Couldn’t Tell Me I Wasn’t Gonna Be With Kenny Chadway

fuck boris kodjoe (kinda).
fuck that other guy who danced in those britney videos.
i wanted kenny chadway (and the man who played him).
i was going to get kenny and he would smooth give me a work out.
something about him turned me on.
i don’t know if it was his laid back nature or how he carried himself on screen,
but he (and terri/boris) were the reasons i watched soul food: the series.

i found these gems on youtube and they took me back.
back to when i was super young and still trying to find myself.
back when i was scared to even accept my feelings for wolves,
but i knew  i was attracted to them…

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“Your Work Is Brilliant But You Are Gay As Shit.”

spoken by a true lady.

tyler perry bugs me.
i appreciate his bringing work to blacks and blah blah blah…
but he gets on my nerves.
something about him is starting not to seem genuine.
believe me when i say,
he is more smokes and mirrors.

i got an interesting email from a wolf about this story below.
it was pretty deep and i felt it needed to be shared.
scared me a little bit with a thought i was having too…

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Jamari Fox Is a Self Loathing Bitch of a Coward Who Needs To Be Executed.

I believe every comment,
whether negative or positive,
can help you grow.

I believe in constructive criticism and that not EVERYONE will see your point of view.
I also believe some people pull things out their ass and want to drop all their personal shit on you.
I was in a meeting earlier today and I got the buzz on my phone that I had new messages.
I am always excited to read good comments, but then I saw a comment that… well…

well let’s just say I was in for it… 

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