Who Else Wanted To Bagg Stevie?

^not that creature from the wack abyss
but this wolf…

remember that cutie wolf k michelle was all over on love and hiphop atl on monday?

well, you know i had to put you an F-BI ticket on him right?…

everyone meet stevie baggs

that is stevie when he had dreads.

  • canadian football player
  • free agent
  • drafted for cardinals but was cut
  • signed by the lions
  •  nice cakes

don’t know if stevie is a ho,
but he takes some great pictures with those beautiful dimples of his…

i love athletes.
especially ones like k michelle said that could pick me up and bang my head up against the wall.
he definitely gets the fox seal of approval.

speaking of that scene with k michelle and him,
i read this from a vixen while doing my research and i had to share it:

I Must Be a Ho.

So, I was watching Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta (I know, I know) earlier and this chick on the show, K. Michelle or whoever, pounced on this man she was on a date with. In typical reality show fashion, it panned away and the next time we saw her she was discussing her man issues with a friend and saying that she loses interest quickly.

The fake ass intellectuals and relationship experts on the cesspool that is Twitter all had to weigh in on the real reason she’s single… You guessed it, she’s a ho! Let’s look at the very little information that was given on K. Michelle that decided she’s a ho:

  • She tongue-kissed a man on a first date.
  • She straddled that man while kissing him.
  • She says she loses interest quickly.

Based off of this information, the twitter scholars believed that she fucked him the first night and then he ignored her calls.

Okay, and? Even if that were true, does that make her a ho? What even is a ho?

I’m a ho too, then. Fuck it. I don’t play pussy games. If I feel like fucking and there’s available and desirable dick I’m probably going to fuck. If a dude views me negatively because we smashed on the first night then he really wasn’t the one for me. All that patriarchy and madonna-whore complex bullshit means there was no possible way we were ever going to work out – even as homies.

Anyway, My name is Jasmine. I’m 25. I like to fuck… A lot. Sometimes, I fuck on the first date. Other times, I fuck without a date – as in I exclusively meet up with a male for the purpose of fornication. I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m not all that interested in having one. You’d have to be spectacular; my self-esteem is too high to tolerate nonsense. I lose interest quick as shit because most men I meet aren’t all that interesting. At times, I keep men in rotation. Yes, men that I am fucking. I have been known to stop talking to a man I’ve been smanging just because he has feelings for me and his feelings are something I am not at all invested in. No, I am not acting out. No, I do not hate men. I’m just really okay with being by myself and super comfortable with my sexuality. Oh, yeah, and I like to fuck. You don’t like that? You will be okay. If all of this makes me a ho, cool shit. But like nobody could come between Brooke and her Calvin’s, nobody is coming in between me and my nut (no puns intended).


sounds like a vixen from my own heart.

9 thoughts on “Who Else Wanted To Bagg Stevie?

  1. Dude has a nice ass in that pic.

    She moved to fast with dude. So if something like that happened it’s her fault. I watched her the whole time. It seemed to me that he wanted to take things slow and get to know about her mentally. She literally jumped his bones on the first date, and that’s a turn off for a man looking for a relatioship, but if he’s looking for sex also too that will be a turn on. This is what I meant before when I said people need to stop being over the top on first dates. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone long term who is kissing all up on me and grabbing my dick on the first date, that shit aint cute. I wanna know where you work? What are you looking for in a man? What you like to do for fun? Hows your relationship with your parents?

  2. When I think “hoes” as far as women are concerned, I think of them doing whatever their “pimp” tells them to. These dudes have women driving to their place in the middle of the night so they can fuck them, get their nut w/o any regard for their needs, and fuck their whole crew if dude asks them to. That is a hoe to me. You’re doing whatever a man asks you to when he has no loyalty to you with no regard for yourself.

    Now a woman having sex on her terms, when and where she wants to, because she wants to is just a grown ass woman with needs to me. Doesn’t mean she isn’t selective and it does not mean she has low self-esteem.

    She right too if someone’s opinion of you can be swayed so easily because you slept with them on the first date instead of the 5th date they probably weren’t very into you.

    Think about when we fall for the wrong ones. They can do no wrong in our eyes and even if they are in the wrong we still like them.

    So logically speaking if I REALLY liked someone and they slept with me on the first date my logical reaction would be they thought I was special because I feel the same about them, not they must be hoe.

    Very thought-provoking post though.

  3. He’s cute and I like that he’s comes of REGULAR. I don’t know him (or will most likely never meet him) but he just seems like a regular dude with swag who’s not up to no good 99% of the time. Based off of what I’ve seen, (all 2 minutes of him) I think he’ll make a good wolf for a vixen. And in that order…….

  4. I was waiting for this entry… he is fine, i know him and his family, he’s from my neck of the woods….

      1. He has a brother who is a singer in ATL, thats probably how he met up with K. Michelle freaky ass lol.. but Stevie is definitely the better looking one…

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